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Opinion by hetaliaitaly posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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of the sympathetic "stick it out and be tough"

I abhor the person who کہا the line
"don't worry honey everything'll be fine"

Beware to the person who comes my way
saying "tomorrow will be a better day"

I wish I could meet the person who made
that all around classic "don't be afraid"

Can آپ understand what these lines do!
nothing, that's my point of view

People get sick of the same old stuff
not everyone is your definition of "tough"

These lines are a way to justify means
that we've done our part as human beings

Some people think "oh they're fine"
after the end of your clever little line

but do آپ understand the turmoil and strife
that may be poisoning this persons' life!

They dig for understanding like a heartbroken miner
and all آپ can give is a sorry one liner

We all must do our part
in helping people gain a new start
Opinion by hetaliaitaly posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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The moment آپ took your life
I felt mine ended too.
If I could only turn back time
there’s so much I would undo.

I didn’t see the warning signs.
آپ held them deep inside.
Struggles آپ were going through
آپ did so well to hide.

I’m left with guilt and sorrow,
and confusion as to why
آپ didn’t tell me of your pain
and felt آپ had to die.

The Sadness of the sight was just to much to bare
And now its me lying here
Cold,Crimson and Dead

آپ will never know how I feel inside,
The pain that still resides,
Happiness was once in my life,
Those days have long since ceased.

Opinion by hetaliaitaly posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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آپ were all part of my life,
In the beginning آپ were always there helping me along, inch سے طرف کی inch.
But that thread we had has finally snapped.
I could have ignored آپ without a سیکنڈ thought, no worries, not a flinch.

But, I played along.
I sang my own desperate song of how one دن آپ would understand.
But آپ never did.
Never tried to comfort me یا hold my hand.
آپ all ignored it even though deep inside, آپ know I WAS NOT MYSELF
I no longer laughed,
But replaced that smile with a disturbed frown.
I no longer had fun with you,
This replaced سے طرف کی the constant thought of how to drown.

And yet, آپ were not there.
It was like آپ didn't even notice,
Like I was no longer important,
And STILL, آپ did not acknowledge me, and this I could see.
آپ were unaware of the problems that slowly, one سے طرف کی one, took my life from me.

I have no life now,
Opinion by Bond_Of_Fury posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Jeez, so many lists about girls telling guys what they should do when imposing them and such... It's time to extinguish those high standards, with some cold, hard, facts about us. Fighting آگ کے, آگ with fire. *puts on sunglasses* Oh yeah.

So girls, here's a فہرست about boys, سے طرف کی a boy.

Guys look, but don't flirt!
1. We look at other girls often, as ashamed as some of us might be about it. We're just naturally distracted. It, however, doesn't mean we're flirting with them straight away. Here's a سوال I'd like to ask all girls in a relationship. What are آپ expecting your boyfriend to do, cheat on you? Break up with you, just so he could start a thing with that girl he just so happened to notice? That only says something about your own insecurity, and آپ should really learn to assume a stronger posture. No offense to anyone without a boyfriend, یا just doesn't care much.

"Getting your way is easy, but only when we think you're nagging."
Guide by CuteBlossom123 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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1) آپ guys may think us girls only care about the body and muscle but we really care about the personality

2) It's a waste of your time being a perv with a girl. It just makes us feel uneasy and weird about you.

3) Us girls are not a torpy case! We don't want آپ دکھانا us off

4) Us girls are slow, not fast. Please don't go in the sexy business straight away.

5) The way آپ can tell a girl likes آپ is when she's out of words when آپ talk to her, aswell as giggling a lot around you.

6) If a girls mate asks آپ if آپ like her, it often means she likes you.

7) If your dating a girl please don't and we mean PLEASE don't flirt with other girls. It makes that girl feel unloved.

8) If آپ ask a girl out and she says "I don't know, maybe..." it means she's just shy to say yes, so give her a couple of days to get the confidence to answer. Don't keep bugging her about it, it only makes her says no.
Article by 16falloutboy posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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To My Loving Husband Patrick.

People say we are not meant to be
People say you're not good for me
People say I'm too good for you
People say you're ugly
People say you're fat
I say screw آپ to those people
I say you're the most perfect man I've ever known
I say you're my hopes and dreams
I say I love you
آپ say do آپ mean it?
I say yes I do
I love آپ
مزید than anything in the world
آپ love me for who I am
Not for my looks یا body
Just me
If آپ never saved me from Devin
Who knows where I'd be now
He abused me; he raped me
آپ found me and took me in
آپ cared for me and treated me like a person
Later I got kidnapped سے طرف کی Devin
آپ saved me once again
I fell in love with you
آپ are the light which fills my heart
List by koalagirl9 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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10. Tell a random person آپ love them
9. go up to a worker and ask them random questoins about them (name age Zodiac sign)
8.Try on a bra thats way to big یا for guys just a random bra and ask a worker how آپ look
7.sit in the middle of a isle
6.clog the toilet
5.go up to a random person and say gimme all your cash and nobody gets hurt
4.(for department stores) Jump on a display bed
4.(grocery stores) Eat food before buying it
3.Scream bloody murder
2.Go store streaking
and number 1 is
1.yell kick me out of this store at the سب, سب سے اوپر of your lungs
Fan fiction by akatsuki_lover9 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Chapter 2
I had just finished introducing flippy to brick and bone. Their expressions were blank. “he seems pretty weak scourge.” bone meowed. “he almost killed scourge! How is that weak?!” brick argued. “why exactly did he do that?” bone asked, glaring at flippy. Flippy sighed. “I'll tell آپ why, but it's a long story.” brick and bone exchanged a glance. “go on.”bone mewed. “it all started one fateful day, I was called out to serve in a war.” flippy began. “it turned out, two of my دوستوں were called to serve too. The دن we got there I knew it wouldn't be easy. We were up against a whole army of blue tigers. I sent out one of my friends, sneaky, a frog. He killed one of the solders. My other friend attacked too. He gave a solder a bomb shaped like an apple. Then I attacked. I fought the general of the solders. I had a hidden knife, I threw something at him but it turned out to be the food I was hiding it in. my friend with the bombs thew a bomb at the general. He reflected it. I was trying to save sneaky who was stabbed in the chest. When I finally pulled the چھری out it sliced my other friend. He dropped the bomb and the whole place...
Fan fiction by akatsuki_lover9 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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The death combo
chapter 1

It was just a normal دن for Scourge. Taking care of Bloodclan. “i think I'll go hunt” mewed scourge. He walked in twolegplace, searching for something edible. When he was about to give up he saw it, a plump گلہری, جائے وقوع on an empty thunderpath. He stalked it slowly. Right before he could pounce the a shadow fell on the گلہری, جائے وقوع and it ran away. Scourge turned over to the one who cast the shadow. 'hey you, I was about to catch that!” but when scourge saw the one who did it he froze. It was no cat who scared off his prey. It was a strange creature. A cat sized green برداشت, ریچھ who walked on two legs and wore an army hat and jacket. He also held a چھری in his hand.

His yellow eyes gazed into scourge's. Scourge knew he had to fight. He leaped at the برداشت, ریچھ and cut his cheek. The برداشت, ریچھ yelled and swiped his چھری at scourge. Pain seared in scourge's flank. Scourge growled and swiped at the bears face. He sliced his nose. The برداشت, ریچھ ran at scourge, yelling furiously. Scourge ran, knowing he couldn't beat it head on. The برداشت, ریچھ was gaining on him. Scourge ran faster until his legs ached. Scourge felt the چھری cut the...
List by spongefan612 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Hello there. Here is a فہرست about what not to do with a lightsaber. Our intern Bob will demonstrate. :D

1. Never hold your lightsaber upside down

Bob: *holds upside down* OWWWWWWW MY HANDS! D:

2. Never play with your lightsaber

Bob: Look I can throw my lightsaber! :D *throws*

3. Never get distracted during the battle

Bob: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh *does nothing*
*opponent kills Bob* Don't worry, he'll resurrect :D

4. Never bring a mini-lightsaber

Bob: Look at my mini-lightsaber! :D
Opponent: That thing is useless! *kills*

5. Overkill is good :D (plus breaking the rules for something آپ should do, making it 9 آپ shouldn't)

Opponent: No sense in beating a dead horse یا human, but this is fun! *you can hear light saber going through flesh*

6. Don't fight in slow-mo while the opponent is battling in a normal pace
List by akatsuki_lover9 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Doggone it- 1. He rips Cub's lower half into pieces because Pop left Cub in a room with Whistle, whistling as he leaves. stupid choice Pop.

2.Giggles is playing with Whistle and a bird is whistling. this makes Whistle go psycho and rip all the skin off of Giggles' body except for her head. why bird, why did آپ whistle?

3.Whistle mauls The تل, مول after Mime blows a whistle to warn The تل, مول that he's about to hit Whistle. not very smart Mime.

4.Whistle mauls Disco برداشت, ریچھ when Mime blows his whistle AGAIN to warn him about The mole's car coming towards him. Disco برداشت, ریچھ would've died a less painful death if Mime hadn't blown the whistle.

Chore loser-1.Whistle rips all the skin off Cub's arm then is ripped to shreds سے طرف کی Whistle. poor Cub, lolz

2.there is a scene at the end where Whistle is about to attack Pop. this may یا may not have killed him.
Opinion by polarwagon15 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Most of these phrases were once funny and not at all annoying. Then newfags just have to come along and start using and abusing them.

And some were already shitty and annoying to begin with.

Once great phrases turned annoying

Cool story bro

کتیا, کتيا please


U mad?


True story

20% Cooler

Phrases that were already annoying to begin with



X people are Y (youtube)


X people missed the like button(youtube again)


Guide by wisegirl778 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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1: Post an artical like this!
2: Go to the community pool.
3: Try to do as many backflips as possible in one minute.
4: Call your crush and see what he/she says to you.
5: Look up your least پسندیدہ teacher in the phone book and then prank call them saying they ordered three hundred gallon of spoiled mustard
6: Get together with your دوستوں and go to the mall یا something that guys do
7: Go nightswimming
8: Grab your آئی پوڈ, ipod and lay on your بستر listening to every song on it.
9: Look up random people in your yearbook and if آپ know them call them.
10: Play a prank on your little sibling
11: Go camping!
12: Get caught up on your summer reading فہرست who knows آپ might just find something آپ really like.
13: ride your bike around town
14: Go get icecream with your friends
15: Have a گیراج sale you'll clean out your room and make some extra cash in the process.
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Together, at last,
We sing in unison,
As the eagles zoom past us,
Symbolizing true freedom now.

We are together,
Not just our country,
But all the countries of the universe,
Syria, China, Germany,
Russia, Canada, Brazil,
And, of course, the United States.

I have never experienced
Such an amazing feeling
In my whole life,
As the soldiers of the universe
March past,
We are in utmost glory.

The unity of the universe,
We behold right now.
Never again, we shall quarrel,
Fighting with our steel rifles.

We will be free,
Not just blacks,
But all of us,
Together, at last.

We will be equal,
Women and men,
And we shall work together,
For equality
Is what truly brings us all together.

There will not be discrimination,
Each and every one of us
Shall be treated the same,
Article by akatsuki_lover9 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Chapter 2

Dawn light was streaming into the cave. Flamingleap had just woken up to watch the sun rise. He sniffed the air hoping for it to be warm. Instead ice crystals stung his nostrils. He sighed. The tribe had been waiting for weeks for any sign of a thaw. Instead it seemed to get colder every day. Flamingleap heard the camp start to stir and he went out into the clearing of the cave. Thunderbolt, a male dragon with multiple shades of yellow, was picking dragons to hunt. “icyclaw.” thunderbolt flicked his tail towards a pure white male dragon. “you hunt near the edges of the mountains.” thunderbolt flicked his tail at a blue she dragon as icyclaw walked out of the cave. “Steadyriver, آپ will see if there are any مچھلی in the rivers and pools.” Steadyriver nodded and made her way out of the cave. “and lastly, whippingwind will hunt on the peaks of the mountain.” thunderbolt flicked his tail toward a gray male dragon with wide spreading wings. Whippingwind walked out of camp, head held high. “i hope they bring back something good.” Drippingice muttered. “i hevent eaten in a week and I have two hungry hatchlings to...
Article by akatsuki_lover9 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Chapter 1

It was late afternoon. Flamingleap, an مالٹا, نارنگی آگ کے, آگ elemental dragon, was hunting for the tribe, with no luck. He'd been hunting since dawn and caught nothing. Snow crunched beneath his big feet. Just when he was ready to give up he heard the screech of an eagle. He jerked his head up. The eagle was only a few feet from his face and it was the size of his head. It would feed a few dragons if it was تقسیم, الگ کریں equally. Flamingleap reached and snapped his jaws on the eagle's wing. It flapped in a desperate attempt to escape. Flamingleap jerked his head, killing the eagle. “the clan will be glad I caught this with prey being so scarce.” Flamingleap thought as he flew back to the cave where his tribe lived. When he got there the other dragons were admiring his catch. “how did آپ do it?” a tiny gray hatchling peeped. “yeah, it's huge!” a white hatchling agreed. “stop pestering him with questions, any dragon could've caught it!” Drippingice, a white she dragon with light blue streaks, snapped. “yes mom.” the gray hatchling muttered, walking back to the nursery cave. The white hatchling followed, her tail drooping. “hatchlings these...
Fan fiction by akatsuki_lover9 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Chapter 2

it was the اگلے day. Flippy decided to go to the bookstore. What harm could he do there? all they had there were books. As he was walking there he noticed that people weren't staring at him یا acting nervous. He even walked strait سے طرف کی a cop and they did nothing. Everybody had already forgotten. When Flippy entered the bookstore he was thankful at how peaceful it was. Nothing to flip him out. Flippy sighed with relief and sat down. He looked around and noticed much مزید people there. Sniffles was reading a book about science right اگلے to him and گہرے نیلے رنگ, پیتونیا was reading about gardening. Everything seemed so....normal. Just then Flippy noticed the war books. They had pictures of weapons and solders on the covers. Flippy tried to ignore them but there was one that was impossible to ignore. It had the Vietcong solders on the front fighting with American solders. Flippy ducked under the میز, جدول and flipped out then jumped up, flipping the میز, جدول over. Lots of people flew into bookshelves. The owner of the place stomped up to him. “do آپ mind, you're in a-” she was cut off سے طرف کی flippy stabbing her throat. Blood gushed out as he ripped the چھری out of the...
List by Skyadami posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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1) (^.-) Wink
2) (<.<) What did آپ say?
3) (@.@) Confused
4) (•¥•) Upset
5). (=.•) Half asleep
6) (*•^). Excited
7). (^.^). Happy
8). ( &.&) Shocked
9). (↠.-) Look over
10). (✷.✷) Wow!
11). (♡.♡) In Love
15) (✕.✕) Dead
16) (•*•) Upside Down
17). (☉•☉) Gone Insane
18) (∨.∨) Down
19). ('≋.≋') Crying
20). (≘*≘) Excited
21) (~6.6~) Surprised
22). (-.•) Huh?
23) (≖-≖) Watching you
24). (⊏_⊏) ....Huh?
25). ( 1.1 ) WTF?

Opinion by DramaQueen1020 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Sad Stories About AIDS

I found these stories online. These are true stories.

I used to know Josephat and his lovely family of a wife, 2 daughters and a son. He used to live in a town 1,000Km from the city. The town is on the Tanzania Zambia border. He used to come to the city many times during the سال on his pickup وین but when I did not see him for over a سال I inquired from his cousin. The cousin informed me that he had a motor accident on the Dar es Salaam Zambia Highway. He died on the spot. That was 6 years ago. I had forgotten about him and family till yesterday when I met his cousin again. So how are your in-law and the lovely children? He answered, "Sad, sad, sad.". The first daughter who was dad's child, after the death of her father wanted to get married immediately. She was looking for somebody to comfort her I guess. The man happened to be from Zambia. His family was unknown to her mother. Her mother strongly advised her not to marry the man from a neighboring country from a family that was unknown to her. In fact she refused her to marry the man and threatened her. "I will disown آپ if آپ marry him." The mother came ہوم one...
Opinion by cloudburst posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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I'm still alive but barely breathing
Just pray to a God that beloved in
Cause I got rime while she got freedom
Cause when a hertbreaks,no it don't breakeven

Her best days will be some of my worst
She finally met a man that's gonna put her first
While I'm wide awake she's no trouble sleeping
cause when a heartbreaks,no it don't breakeven,even,no

What am I suppose to do
When the best part of me is always آپ and
What am I suppose to say
When I'm all choked up and your okay

I'm falling to pieces,yeah
I'm falling to pieces

They say bad things happen for a reason
But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding
Cause she's moving on while I'm still grieving
And when a heartbreaks,no it don't break even,no

What am I gonna do
When the best part of me is always you
And what am I suppose to say
When I'm all choked up and your okay

News by Anime_Gir1235 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Ok my brother(pikachu700 his dumb self) had this crazy dream about Darla Dimple and... people here i'll tell آپ that story :3
PK:were am i
*turns on lights
darla dimple: ...
darla dimple:...
PK: ok blah blah YAA *THROWS چھری AT DD
darla dimple: *teleports to PK*
PK: ಠ_ಠ
PK: *LOOKS behind*
pinkie pie: wut i tell u about goin in MAH SHED
pk: wait this is a shed ohh ok*turns all dark again
PK: not again *someone turns on light*
pinkie pie: *starts up chainsaw*
pk: oh no O_e
pinkie pie: *cuts up my guts*
al da sudden flippy breaks in 007 style
flippy: let me help u pinkie pie...
both: cuts hands
both: go's into private room
PK: hmm I HAVE DA POWER *breaks chains*
pk: wow it worked
pk: looks at private window
Article by Heroine999 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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It hurts.It hurts.
My body.My mind.
All taken over سے طرف کی pain.
Refusing for me to gain.

Evil cutting me down.
Good not raising me up.
It's like being damned.
Almost like being jammed.

I'm lame.
I'm weak.
I'm taken over سے طرف کی hell.
My future is unable to tell.

What am I doing?
Why am I lame?
I not weak!
Acting like my future is so bleak!

I مککا, عجیب الخلقت evil in the face!
I mustn't let evil force cut me down!
Good is raising me up!
Evil smaller than a damn cup!

I'm forever strong!
Forever long!
I'm bold!
And I'm forever cold.

Article by ssook78 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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مالٹا, نارنگی kitten: mommy kitty im hungry
grey kitten: yeah mommy we are very very hungry
*all the kitten meows*
me: *feeds*
مالٹا, نارنگی kitten: mommy can آپ dance *does the سالسا, ہوا سالسا with grey kitten*
me: O_O
1 دن later........
kittens: o_o
me: :D
my friend >_<
my dad: *dancing like a maniac hobo*
some random dude: SHUT THE FUCK beeeep
some random dude: SAAAAANNNN
me: da fuck?
kitten: meow meow meow meow moew
2 days later.......
me: lalalalalalalalalalalalala
elmo: hi im elmo
me: AHHH HOLY SHIT!! *shoots elmo*
elmo: AHHHHH!!!
one گھنٹہ later....
kitten: MEOW!!
and thats what i do when im bored okay bye!
Article by numnumyellow67 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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Chapter 1
The District

I quietly and quickly pick the katniss plant's roots. Have to hurry home, یا at least the ruined building I call my home. Living a destroyed old district, آپ kind of get used to the idea of having to hurry back to ruined buildings, before the rats and bugs decide to settle into your so called home.I start on my way back, when I see a plump rabbit, just watching me desperately pick the roots, while coated in mud. This annoys me, and with one تیز رو, سوئفٹ movement, I چھری the fat fool from afar. A direct hit. Perfect. I've been working on my چھری throwing skills, and got a lucky hit. I grab the carcass and my knife, and make a bee-line for a path of trees that I marked سے طرف کی tying bright cloth on the درخت branches. I've only been hunting for a few months, and still trying to adapt to the idea. I'm not very good at hunting, but I try as hard as I can for the people in my district, if آپ can call it a district. As I reach my treehouse, I see a mockingjay pass me by, and land in my treehouse window. Good, he's back. I climb the ladder, and put my kill in a burlap sack and set it in the corner. The treehouse, also known as The گمٹ, گھنٹہ گھر to the towns...
Opinion by DramaQueen1020 posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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فہرست of things I love, and فہرست of things I hate.
If anyone agrees آپ can post below. These are all random. ish.

1) Pictures with funny captions.
2) Ice cream.
3) Moustaches.
4) Poison dart frogs :P
5) Cats
6) Cute cats
7) Cute cats in silly poses.
8) Daffodils
9) Laughing.
10) Kitkats. The candy, yum!
11) Harry Potter
12) Sirius Black
13) Sirius the star.
14) Plaid
15) Queen!!! :)
16) Lemonade
17) Funny rants for no reason
18) Rants that have a reason
19) Unicorns
20) My boyfriend. (jk, don't have one at the moment)
21) Jewelry
22) Peace symbols
22) Theatre games
23) Stupid theatre games
24) Freaky things
25) Ellen DeGeneres (she rocks!)
26) The planet Venus
27) Apollo and Artemis
28) Lupa, the Roman goddess of wolves
29) Severus Snape
30) Stickers
31) The lollipop song from the dell commercial