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posted by orangeturnip
when that angel sits on my shoulder
whispers into my دل
a peace , a harmony
a bliss feeling of out of control
the angel appears to آپ in form of desire
آپ float along with the force of ...
آپ jump about
cos آپ cant sit down
the power of jolly drunk without the drink
the power to make others happy
this angel with her good intensions
will make آپ fly
the angel will make آپ cry
the angel will make آپ feel how others feel
so آپ can empathise
and be ver wise in emotionial terms
theres an internal war
between the angel and the death
they fight feroususly
but they dont even relise
they have both already lost
"Well it was near the end of summer and I hanging with the gang (Dean the leader of the gang ,Spike سیکنڈ in command ,Spike's girl Vicky ,Rat (yes that his real name his parents are weird),Ian and Matthew (the twins ) and Jess my best friend since kindergarten .)So here we are do are normal thing Dean flirting with me ,the twins fighting as
always ,Jess talking nonstop about a movie no one seen یا ever heard of .All the sudden Jess's girlfriend Kayla (she been trying to get in the gang but she annoying so she not ) runs up yelling her own brains out about something ."Honey
what wrong ?"asks...
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posted by orangeturnip
i would like to express how i feel about one of this worlds most beutiful creations.

things i like about eyes
i like the colours
i like eyes from all animials
i like when آپ can catch someone out when there lie'in

i like the fact آپ can see out of them
but i also like that آپ can see into them

when آپ look at eyes , your looking through the portal to someones soul

you can see how someone truely feels , even if they dont know it themselves

if someone is is happy ,sad یا angry یا a mixture of a multitude of expressions even the مزید complex ones like love and lust

without my eyes my world would...
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posted by desmariemay
Hello thank آپ for reading.This is about a 13 سال old dog named Maxie.Maxie has دل worms and is suffering and living outside alone.Maxie lives with my grandaw who is alergis but took Maxie in any ways.She got another dog Meme and Maxie had دل worms and Meme died when i was 4 cause she couuldent fight it:'(.But Maxie suvived.They bought another dog named Sarah and sarah got دل worms and died but Maxie was alive sah died when i was 9 and i am 10 now.please rite a commet.But not to me,to Maxie and please آپ better hurry,Maxie probly wont live long so please wirte quickly.

Here is a picture of here below......
posted by lexie2635
This one is longer

Alice's POV

I grabbed my lunch and sat down with my best دوستوں Bree, Alexyss and Jackie.

“So who was your pen pal?.” Bree asked.

“Some kid named Charlie Patterson”

“Hmm Ali, he sounds hot” Alexyss said.

“Ohh yeah,imagine dating a guy with the same accent as Robert Pattinson” Jackie replied back.

“Guys آپ know I don’t have time for any boys, SO STOP TALKING ABOUT THEM!”I کہا as I got up and walked awayAfter what happen between me and Jake, I just couldn’t trust any guy anymore.

The last گھنٹی, بیل rung and it was time to leave.

“Catch آپ on fanpop”...
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posted by Cullen_Marissa9
Heyy this is marissa I just want to get out of school all ready it seems like its just draging on and taking forever. I cant take it anymore. The only good thing about scool is that is takes up your time and your not totally bored out of your mind. Im soooooooooooooo excuted for summer Im going to make so much money and my brother works at the فلمیں so I get free movie so Its pretty chill and I can take whoever i want and if your suck up that might not work very well آپ have to one of my best دوستوں like jordan of my friend kimmy I havent seen her in foreves so enough about me I want to know a little about آپ people haha just post it یا what evers I hate thoughs words this girl I know says it all the time.haha ttygl

lolz like hi!
posted by lunafan0299
Ok so we all hear love stories, but this one is special. Ok so lets start the story. Ok the was a girl named Marie and she was in 10th grade so one دن she was walking in the halls with her دوستوں and then BUMP! She ran into Noah(her crush) she blushes then says "I'M SOOOOO SORRY NOAH!!!"Then Noah says "It's ok" then my friend(Sarah) کہا in Marie's ear "Someone likes Noah." Then Marie کہا "SHUT IT!!!!!" Then Noah کہا "Well bye Marie see ya in science." Then Marie کہا "Ya bye" He grins and waves. Marie walks to science class then sat سے طرف کی Noah. Then Noah said"Hey Marie" then she says "Hi"....
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Ten doesn't quite cut it for me; so here are five مزید places that would be lovely to visit.


Greece is another country I discovered سے طرف کی searching up its beaches. Greece is ہوم to a گلابی sand ساحل سمندر, بیچ and I have always wanted to go to one of those. I was also very intrigued سے طرف کی the beauty of Navagio beach.With it's alluring cliff and white sand.

If آپ don't fancy a trip to the beach, Meteora seems like a fascinating place to try instead. It's basically a landscape straight out of fantasy novels--with monasteries resting upon natural (and humongous) rock pillars.

Perhaps آپ are...
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posted by Danndy
Age - 18
Gender - female
دوستوں - Palau, Fiji, Nauru (me), Marshall Islands
Personality - bossy
Her random symbol - †

Age - 19
Gender - Female
دوستوں - Tuvalu, Australia NZ, Nauru (sister)
Personality - nice
Her random symbol - ♦

Nauru (me)
Age - 30's
Gender - Female
دوستوں - EVERYONE!!
Personality - creepy
Her Random Symbol - ♣

Age - secret
Gender - male
دوستوں - Australia, Kiribati (younger sister), Cook Islands
Personality - VERY NICE
His random Symbol - ‡

Tonga (Tonga66, the only user I know مزید than آپ all because she is my sister)
Age - 24
Gender - female
دوستوں - EVRYONE
Personality - SUPER FRIENDLY
Her random sister - ♥

posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1: A Chance Meeting, Karamia!

*San Francisco, California*

Lemuel: *Driving*

Karamia: *Struggling* Let me go!

Lemuel: *Laughs evilly* I shall never let آپ go!

*Suddenly, something stops the car*

Lemuel: Huh? What the devil was that??!!!

Fire Wolfe: *Appears from a small fire* Let the girl go!

Lemuel: *Grins* Why should I go?

Fire Wolfe: *Hand becomes آگ کے, آگ and punches the car* Let her go!

Lemuel: *Gets out*

Fire Wolfe: *Grabs Leumel and throws him 10 feet away*

Karamia: *Sees آگ کے, آگ Wolfe* Who are you???!!!

Fire Wolfe: I am a friend *Grabs her and runs*

Karamia: *Screaming*

*The اگلے day, Japantown,...
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One دل one other
They met last summer
One اقدام she started
Now they love this way
The pain of pleasure
Lying together
You're at their mercy
As the telephone's ringing on

No one کہا there'd be nights like this
Risk your life for a stolen kiss

We live, we learn, we lie
For the price of love
We kiss then say goodbye
For the price of love
We live, we learn, we lie
For the price of love
We kiss then say goodbye
For the price of love

Each اقدام goes so slow
Until the door closed
No secret codes now
No word says baby goes down
One last dance then goodbye
Practicing his love lies
He runs to his wife
And you’re left holding...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
Butterfly, Butterfly.
It is ever so cold.
Butterfly, Butterfly.
Save me from the snow.

Butterfly, Butterfly.
One سے طرف کی one,
Butterfly, Butterfly.
The soldiers run.

Butterfly, Butterfly.
Keep me safe,
Butterfly, Butterfly.
Fly me away.

Butterfly, Butterfly.
I will love آپ forever.
Butterfly, Butterfly.
You will leave me never.

Butterfly, Butterfly.
Where did آپ go?
Butterfly, Butterfly.
I need to know.

Butterfly, Butterfly.
I am not safe,
Butterfly, Butterfly.
Take me away.

Butterfly, Butterfly.
Save me from the growing flames.
Butterfly, Butterfly.
Show me the way.

Butterfly, Butterfly.
It burns so bad.
Butterfly, Butterfly....
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posted by Heidihi2
Yo Mama House Is So Small
Yo mama house is so small that when she pur her key in the lock it broke the back window.

Yo Mama House Is So Dirty
Yo mama house is so dirty آپ can't tell where the dirt stops and it begins.

Yo mama house is so dirty roaches ride around on dune buggies!

Yo Mama Head Is So Small
Yo mama head so small she use a tea-bag as a pillow.

Yo mama head so small that she got her ear pierced and died.

Yo Mama Head Is So Big
Yo mama head so big she has to step into her shirts.

Yo mama head so big it shows up on radar.

Yo Mama Has
Yo mama has one leg and a bicycle.

Yo mama has 4 eyes and 2 pair of sunglasses
Yo Mama Hair So Short
Yo mama hair so short when she braided it they looked like stiches.

Yo mama hair so short she curls it with rice.

Yo Mama Glasses So Thick
Yo mama's glasses are so thick that when she looks on a map she can see people waving.

Yo mama's glasses are so thick she can see into the future
posted by TwilightGirl312
I got this idea from Wanda5.

- Put your MP3 player/iPod/iTunes on shuffle.
- Post the first line from the first 30 songs that plays, no matter how embarrassing the song.
- Let anyone guess the جوابات (song عنوان and artist)

Sorry if some of the singers get extremely repetitive. My iPod doesn't understand what "shuffle" means.

1. Now go stand in the corner and think about what آپ did

2. Here I am, once again, feeling lost but now and then

3. You're so hypnotizing, could آپ be the Devil

4. Don't know much about your life

5. A baby moonlight hits the spotlight

6. When I saw آپ over there,...
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posted by Face_of_Music

This is a random book I was writing about Al Queda attacking America, and I got the idea from my friend, who had a nightmare, and کہا I could write a book یا something. This is the first chapter, so I'd love it if آپ could post your thoughts about it, anything I could change, things آپ liked, things that didn't make...
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posted by MrsPinkiePie
I’m just putting it out there that the random پرستار club is for posting anything and everything hence the name the random پرستار club and those who don’t understand that should be removed from this club as the word random means being weird یا not normal just means to be different to be unique to be a thing for all things i always thought that the random پرستار club could be a MLP تبصرہ the below it a HP تبصرہ if no one understands this then the meaning of the random پرستار club lives no longer so i beg for آپ to see reason this club is for everyone to post everything and anything they want see reason it is a fact being random is a good thing but blocking out peoples randomness is not cool bros
posted by akatsuki_lover9
it was a normal دن in the akatsuki. Konan was practicing origami, Deidara was blowing things up behind the base, Tobi was bugging deidara. The rest of the members were sitting watching TV. Hidan and kakuzu were in one of their arguments again. “well I don't see why I can't do rituals in our room, I deserve rights too.”hidan کہا angrily. “you can't because آپ always get blood all over everything!” kakuzu snapped. “i do not!” hidan yelled back. “besides, your the one who leaves money lying everywhere.” Pein turned to hidan and kakuzu and punched them both in the head. “will...
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posted by Phyrasa_Fire
North, where the fires burn...
West, where the trio beckons...
East, ہوم for the spirits...
South, for freezing waters...

If آپ say this at the سب, سب سے اوپر of a blurb for a book, would آپ be interested enough to read on and then perhaps BUY the book?

I'm just wondering, coz I made this up and I thought it sounded cool, in a bookish way.

Also, what do they make آپ think of?

What I mean is, if آپ only read this, what would آپ think the book was about?

Ignore my paragraphing, I know it isn't good.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!",a teen named Tessa screamed as she was falling down a hole.

Everyone gasped.

"NO!!!",her friend Dana yelled

"Tessa!",another friend,Martha shouted."No!No!No!No!No!No!!You still owe me 50 bucks,man!"

"That darn lady,she چرا لیا, چوری کی our money,man!",a cowboy said."What a shame"

"No..", a girl named Erica whispered.

"Oh my god!",cowboy said

Everyone sobbed."All that money!", a lady named Lisa wailed."No!!!!!!!"

"The money is gone,man!",Lisa's sister Sara whined.

The cowboy sighed.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!",Martha screamed."MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!"
A long cave.I was strolling down with my sword in my sword in my hand.Then,TAP TAP!Ariana stood at the front of the cave.Then,she held up her hand,then instantly the sword flew out of my hand.
"Well,well,well.If it isn't little miss-she-can-defeat-me!Ha ha!WRONG!"Ariana's large voice echoed through out the cave.I ran to her.Little did I know.
She had her sword in her hands.
I fell to the ground holding my aching knee.
"Ha ha ha!You fail!Give up,Sarah.I have Maybelle.You're alone.And you're hopeless.Give...Up."She کہا slowly.
She walked toward the hut Maybelle was in.
I instantly dropped to the ground.I...
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