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This is my فہرست of فلمیں from best to worst. Please take notice that this مضمون is fully based on opinion and isn't meant to persuade readers to like یا dislike any of the فلمیں that are listed.

My Favorites: The Best
19. The Little Mermaid III: Ariel's Beginning-So cute and emotionally touching.

18. Alice in Wonderland (1951 Disney Version)-The movie is so imaginative and really brings back so many memories.

17. Kung Fu Panda-It's funny as hell!

16. Stitch The Movie-I just find the whole other experiments thing to be really cool.

15. Shrek Forever After-"Do The Roar!" haha.

14. The...
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I'm Dreaming Of A Fat Christmas

It was Christmas Eve. Selena sat yet on her head, sipping slow eggnog.

She looked at the cute کشتی hanging on the Christmas درخت and sighed. Last year, alex had hung it there, just before they looked at each other conversely and then fell into each other's arms and stood each other's hand.

If only I hadn't been so pretty, Selena thought, pouring a funny amount of رم into her eggnog. Then alex might not have got so stupid and left me all alone at Christmas time. She wiped away a fast tear and held her head in her hand.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and...
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As many of آپ girls out there know who have gone through this, all آپ want to do after a break-up is cry...

آپ want to cry because آپ are hurt and because he broke your heart, but take my advice and crying will soon be a thing of the past:

1-After a break-up go shopping and hang with your دوستوں every day. Do NOT stay ہوم alone یا آپ will feel depressed.

2-You MUST stay active. Do exercise (which will make آپ feel better on another level), do art, read, make things, and help out around the house. آپ could even clean!

3-Spoil yourself. Have your پسندیدہ dessert, یا go to a movie یا a کنسرٹ with all your friends.

Remember, do not look at old تصاویر of the two of آپ یا stay ہوم listening to love songs. آپ have to اقدام on. Put the pictures in a box and don't look at them for a loooooooong time.

Advice sent in سے طرف کی Wambie Shiningstar542 (14)
posted by kitkat709477
1.everyone around آپ has an attitude problem
2.your adding chocolate chips to your cheese omelet
3.the dryer has shrunk every last pair of your jeans
4.your husband/boyfriend is suddenly agreeing to everything آپ say
5.your using your cellphone to dial up every bumpersticker that says "hows my driving call 1-800-***-dating"
6.everyone head looks like an invitation to batting practice
7.you're convinced theres a god and he's male
8.you're counting down the days till menopause
9.you're sure everyone is scheming to dive آپ crazy
10.the ibuprofen bottle is empty and آپ just bought it yesterday
11.you just want to مککا, عجیب الخلقت someone without a reason
12.if آپ start wondering if pms is excuse to get away with murder
13.if آپ were to busy thinking about ways to kill the last person who got on your nerves to realize I was only supposed to give آپ 10

a little starotype but funny
*i didn't write this,just so آپ know*
The following dumb laws are, یا were at some point, actually laws in the United States listed below. Now, before آپ go any further do know that I'm not a lawyer nor am I claiming any responsibilty if آپ bail off and do something stupid یا try using something here as a defense in court (rofl at that).


In Jasper, it is illegal for a husband to beat his wife with a stick larger in diameter than his thumb.
It is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter in church.
It is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while operating a vehicle.
It is illegal to play Dominos on Sunday.
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posted by HNismyfriend
Barbara Walters was doing a documentary on the customs of American Indians. While touring a reservation during the documentary she was puzzled as to why the difference in the number of feathers in the headdresses. So she asked a brave who only had one feather in his headdress, and his reply was: "Only have one woman: one woman, one feather."

Feeling the first fellow was only joking, she asked another brave. This brave had two feathers in his headdress. And he replied: "Me have two women: two women, two feathers."

Still not convinced the feathers indicated the number of sexual partners involved,...
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This is very funny I told some of my دوستوں and they laughed.

Kids, don't try this at ہوم XD

Oh, and anything in between these things ** Is and action.

Oh and on مزید thing, I live in NYC, so any references that's why.

1. Shoot me now.
2. *Jumps of Brooklyn Bridge*
3. *Sinks with the Titanic*
4. *Runs away with Prince Charming*
5. *House lands on self in Oz*

6. *Wicked witch turns self into frog*
7. *Frog gets run over*
8. *Frog gets carried away be halk*
9. *Bangs head on دیوار so hard, knock self into the اگلے room*
10. *Flies into the sun*

11. *Falls off the face of the earth*
12. *Jumps off cliff*
13. *Goes skydiving and forgets parachute*
14 *Dives into شارک tank*
15. *Glinda the good witch of the north send self home*

16. *Jumps into swamp full of hungry alligators*
17. Newspaper headline - "Magic trick gone wrong: teen disappears!"
18. *Swims in piranha infested waters*
19. *Runs away to Narnia*
20. *Canoes down a waterfall*
okay here`s some tips for those who dont know how to date.....
1- be always self confident , have some self a steam .
2- be always c00l.
3- turn off ur cellphone during the date...always.
4-be always happy, happy with everything..with ur life.
5- if u really want him as ur bf یا date.....try to be cool ,use the words like: yeah totally,or however....try to be little care less about him... ...lol
6- dont be bushy....stay calm and dont complain alot ....jst a little but not alot....
i cant remember anymore so......ill see u the اگلے time.....thank u all for reading this..and plz تبصرہ ,have all a gr8 day..peace ^_^
1.imitate sirius black,order a پیزا and say: i spent 12 years in azkaban then died 2 years later so this better be the best پیزا ever.
2.when angered pick up a pencil and yell "stupefy!" when doesnt work demand to know where your wand is.
3.walk into your classroom, look around say "this isnt hogwarts." yell "so long muggles!" march out and see who follows.
4.at random times yell "i killed sirius black!" reapeatidly.
5. at a bathroom hiss at the sink and say that آپ are trying to get into the chamber of secrets.
6.name anyone at all after harry potter poeple.
7.post this فہرست ev.er.y. where. [but give me credit]
8. replace the lyrics of all the songs آپ know with harry potter lyrics.
9.do not give up the thought that آپ are a muggle born even if آپ did not get a letter.
10. make everthing harry potter themed

thats it! i hope آپ liked it!
posted by karpach_13

1. Get boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people's carts when they don't realize it.
2. Set all the alarm clocks to go off at ten منٹ intervals throughout the day.
3. Make a trail of مالٹا, نارنگی رس, جوس on the floor, leading to the restrooms.
4. Walk up to an employee and tell him in an official tone, "I think we've got a Code 3 in house wares," and see what happens.
5. Tune all the radios to a polka station; then turn them all off and turn the volumes to "10."
6. Challenge other customers to duels with tubes of gift wrap.
7. Put M&M's on layaway.
8. اقدام "Caution: Wet...
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posted by karpach_13
Things to do in a movie theater
1. Inform the entire theatre that آپ have to go to the bathroom. Wait a منٹ یا so and tell everyone that آپ feel better now.

2. Applaud.

3. Laugh loudly during serious and sad scenes.

4. Sing along with the backround music.

5. Whenever someone opens a door yell "Don't go in there, he's got a gun!"

6. Snore.

7. Yell "Hey, down in front!" even if آپ are sitting in the front.

8. Make shadow puppets.

9. If you've seen the movie before, say what's going to happen right before it happens. Act amazed at your wonderful foresight.

10. Walk around behind the screen....
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posted by edwardcarlisle
I saw a pick where it کہا "What else should Fanpop have?" created سے طرف کی breebree446. There was the option of "Unsubscribe Button". Actually this button exists, just have to follow some steps.

1. Go to your own پروفائل and go down to the "My Clubs" part.

2. Then click on the "more کلب >>" button.

3. Below each club there's an "unsuscribe" button.

4. Click on that button and


That's it!

Now آپ have the oportunity to unsuscribe a club, is really easy and like this آپ won't be a پرستار any مزید from any club!
posted by awesomebrowny
There was a VERY picky family and they got on EVERYBODY'S nerves. One دن brother Billy saw sister Lily's waffles کے, waffles just...sitting there.So while she and brother Bob were talking to their mom fighting about who چرا لیا, چوری کی brother Joe's waffles کے, waffles the other day, so Billy decided to take Lilly's waffles کے, waffles and run. Billy ran as fast as he could into his room shut the door and started to eat the waffles.Billy's dad came in and asked what he was doing...as soon as he saw the waffles کے, waffles he closed the door and کہا "u know u should really try not 2 make a big commotion while stealing waffles,but then again gimmie...
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posted by jessicamc26
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posted by smileyfaceddude
Like the عنوان says, Does Robert Pattinson die in remember me? My دوستوں کہا that he does and I just wanted to know. :):) :)

:) :) :) :)
This prank doesn't need anything but a friend who understands dirty jokes and yourself.

You: Okay, say the word 'addicted' every time I pause, alright?
Friend: Okay.
You: Money...
Friend: Addicted.
You: TV...
Friend: Addicted.
You: Candy...
Friend: Addicted.
You: Hitting people in the face with an iron...
Friend: ...addicted...

By this point آپ need to come up with several different others to get them to barely even notice what they're "addicted" to.

You: Soda?
Friend: Addicted...
You: What hit آپ in the face last night?
Friend: Addicted...

The look that will come over their face will be absolutely priceless.
Try it out!

Haley:Hey!Guys let's compare our self's to عملی حکمت and cartoon characters!

James:Okay.I'll go first!Haley آپ remind me of...Akira Kogami from lucky star!

Haley:...I do NOT have constant mood swings between happy and cute to mean and bitchy!YOU FRIGGIN' SON OF A WHORE!!!

James:Haley I know what my parents are.


Haley:Alex آپ remind me of...Alucard from Hellsing!

Alex:...That's nice...Kara reminds me of Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran high school host club.Bland and uninteresting.

Kara:Oh screw you!...Melissa you...wait how did آپ get into my house?

Melissa:Well I'll have آپ know I invited my...
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Rule 1: Cardio: This one comes up in Zombieland and clearly makes alot of sense. How many fat people do آپ see at the end of the world when its zombies doing the ending?

Rule 2: Beware of Bathrooms: Really not just bathrooms any good apocalyptic zombie survivor should know better then going into a bathroom, small closet یا any other small room with only one way in یا out. Only thing stupider to go into then a bathroom is a movie theater. Lots of places to run around before آپ get eaten.

Rule 3: Seatbelts: Its a محفوظ bet unless your a complete dumb dumb ( see rule #7 ) your not going to be...
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1. Bye them a Twilight T-shirt.

2. Constently yell "Team Edward!" یا "Team Jacob!" (I prefer Team Edward)

3. When آپ see a dog say "Oh my Twilight, It's a werewolf!"

4. Relate everything they say to something about Twilight.

5. Constently sing "SEXY VAMPIRE" at the سب, سب سے اوپر of your lungs when they're around.

6. When they say "I hate Twilight." start shaking really hard and when they ask آپ whats wrong say "I'm about to turn into a werewolf like Jacob."

7. Recite phrases from the کتابیں and say them to the Twilight haters.

8. Ask them if they think Rosalie is pretty.

9. Every time they speak reply with...
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posted by Mistyflower
1. The coffee-flavored donut.

2. The ShamWOW!

3. Middle school یا any school in particular

4. Baseball cards

5. Jell-o with fruit/vegetable bits in it

6. Misquitoes

7. Bees!!!!!!!!

8. Wasps!!!!

9. People who think they have ESP

10. Math

11. The پاپ کارن, پوپکارن ball

12. A singing باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال (yes they're real)

13. Hippopttomonstrousequippedillaphopia (fear of long words.)

14. Antelopes

15. automatic soap dispensers