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 fantasy animals
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I think it fits in well with this club's icon.
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Rabbit Peak, Chama New Mexico.

Japanese People: *Walking alongside a trailer, carrying Type 99 Machine guns*
Johnny: *Hiding behind a tree*
Narrator: Oh ارے there. آپ must be wondering what this is all about. The answer is simple really. I work for the CIA. There's a lot of people around the world that do bad things.
Fat Mexican: *Smoking a cigar while snorting coke*
Narrator: Really bad things. This frightens the CIA, and because of that, we get rid of these people, یا bring them down to Langley. There we interrogate them, and run a few experiments. May sound cruel, but that's the way the...
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 Episode 3 has arrived!
Episode 3 has arrived!
Welcome back again mates! In case آپ missed the first episode, here's a quick recap of what this مضمون series is all about.

In the first episode, the debut of this show, I thought up five crazy and random scenarios that I thought would make for entertainingly cringy headlines for Newspapers and/or YouTube videos, and asked آپ all for ideas in the تبصرے section below! That's also how this دکھائیں has been running since Episode 2, so if آپ like this series, then don't forget to پرستار and leave a تبصرہ below on what آپ guys and gals want me to create in the اگلے episode!

And with that being...
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Advertisements like commercials have many effects on people. Some of these effects can have a negative impact on someone. These negative effects on people can make people feel bad about how they look at themselves. Seeing certain advertisements so many times a دن can cost someone مزید than just a few bucks in a store, it can cost them their confidence in yourself.
Models in ads usually have a certain body type. When people see this body type so many times they start to think that that is how normal people should look, when in reality, it usually is not. One woman, Jean Kilbourne, an author...
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I reviewed Jaws,,

Lets review the only movie of the series, that isn't complete shit.
A series starting with the stupidest moment is the شارک jumping on the boat.. mean WHAT!?
And ends with a شارک roaring, fucking roaring,
And a man escaping a plane being dragged down سے طرف کی a شارک and escapes without a scratch "and nobody asking how". And that Sharks travel thousands of miles for revenge, and turns out the کہا revenge was poorly planned out, cause Michael literary jumps into the water, and Jaws swims away, even though the entire point of Jaws coming all that was the sole purpose of killing Michael....
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I'm writing this مضمون because this has been in my mind for so long that I need to bring this up sooner یا later. Whenever people stated Shou Tucker as a worst father ever, I immediately thought of this guy. Meet Doctor Mar Londo, the father of Brin Londo, who is commonly known as Timber Wolf. Dr. Londo is from the comic book series called "Legion of Super-Heroes". I'm going to analyze his actions in the cartoon adaption and then I'll give my reason why he's worse than Shou Tucker, in my opinion at least.

In the episode "Timber Wolf", in the planet "Rawl", Dr. Londo dragged his own son, Brin,...
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Hello everyone who happened to click on this, my name is Alexis, and this is Fanpop. (See that little reference I made there? BD)

Fanpop is a site where everyone can شامل میں cliques... I mean clubs. These کلب are usually about things یا people that society has a liking for. It's like the website version of Pokemon GO, except it was made way before then that game. Sounds simple, right? WELL آپ THOUGHT WRONG.

Roleplaying is a thing many many people do nowadays. RP has been going on for years and has not shown any sign of dying down soon. However, many RPs are very cringey. I mean, FNaF babies,...
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 Let's fuckin do this
Let's fuckin do this
Well, the first episode has a whopping SEVENTEEN شائقین now, which is my most مقبول مضمون to date, so I guess a lot of آپ wanted a sequel. Hope آپ guys enjoy, sorry it took so long to happen. XD

"How to compliment a guy."

It's not that hard, just say something nice. Do آپ REALLY need advice from the internet on something so INSANELY simple such as this?

"Fries insulted me!"

You insult humanity, it's a pretty fair trade to me.

"Paul's Empire."

DANCE my minions, DANCE! >:D

"What does astroglide smell like?"

Fresh flowers, unless the lubricant has been used after masturbating, in which case a...
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An مضمون سے طرف کی president zakh thaslimjim

Ok so 2day I will teach u how not 2 do the internet argument thing
so pay attention this is all very complicated
Very difficult
But u will get it with practice


Step 1: Don't

like its not even that hard man
Just don't argue there's no trick to it
Just calm ur self
And اقدام on man
take a breath
Nd just forget about it???
It aint a big deal
Different opinions arent a personal attack
Its ok man
Just breathe
don't get mad bro
Its all cool
Ppl have opinions amirite
Not gonna kill u


now u r prepared 4 the internet
Have fun bro
If آپ aint havin fun then y even bother bein here ya feel
Now get out there and dont argue
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1.Add the total of medals, props, fans, and ایوارڈز that آپ have.

2. Divide the total of medals, caps, props, and شائقین سے طرف کی 4 because is your set آپ collect.

3. Divide your number once again سے طرف کی your age.

4. When آپ finish receiving the total number, give سہارا to شائقین سے طرف کی the total number آپ made for each.

If آپ have so much fans, props, caps, and medals, divide the number سے طرف کی how many years آپ stayed on fanpop to minimize your total... Continue on again سے طرف کی how much دوستوں آپ have in here یا the total کلب آپ joined.

Don't be too lazy to do it, this was made for fun... And this math is not too bad...just use a calculator to solve the problem. Simple.

Thanks For Reading ^ ^
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(So this is the first edition of two Race of Writers that Ive done as a group before. We were still figuring a few things out back then XD Anyways, Wanta suggested me posting things here.)

Race of the Writers. Is an مضمون game series that serves as an exercise for RP-ers. In this game, 3 یا مزید writers participate where one person calls out a 1-3 word phrase in which the others have to write to with the 2 منٹ they are given. The phrase must be implemented inside the writing though tense and minor changes to it does not matter.

Participating Writers:

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So today we're talking about the little girls دکھائیں that everyone loves. Even fat guys that eat nachos! Can I be your friend, fat guy?
ANYWAYZ, the fat guys call themselves brownies. I don't know why, cuz brownies are little chocolate sqaures that don't even watch little girl shows. But that's what they call themselves.
Well, not all of them are fat guys. Some are really hot guys and some are cute girls.
And anyway, it's about Twilight Fartle and her friends, Appleshit, Pinkie Piss, Flutter-oh-my, قوس قزح کتیا, کتيا and Rari-pee. They go on adventures and puke on Princess Barf-estia.