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 Frieza, King Cold, and ٹھنڈے, کولر again
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Looke its funny
king cold
ٹھنڈے, کولر
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At least a dozen times a دن آپ hear "I hate society" and "society sucks," and people complaining and complaining about it, but here's the thing thing:

You say آپ hate society, آپ say آپ can’t stand it. آپ say آپ hate your generation and the kids at your school and the people آپ see on the streets around you, but you’re one of them.

You’re one of them, you’re a member of society, آپ all are. آپ were born this way, آپ will die this way. آپ are society, and society is you. آپ are the constitute parts of each other, inseparable and indistinguishable. Your connection is binding...
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1. Swim in your underwear. Not in a trunks/bikini/costume/.

2. Tell the lifeguard your life history. Really loud.

3. Wait for a moment when everyones quiet. Then yell "The water is on fire!"

4. Sing a really bad song when you're in the showers, and remember to add a dance.

5. If your pool plays music, swim around the pool grabbing people and telling them to sing along. Try and get at leats 10 people singing.If your pool doesn't play music, bring your iPod and a docking station. Now your pool plays music!

6.Buy a white towel to dry yourself with, and write 'Murder!' in red fabric pen.

7. Run up to the footspray, then jump over it with your arms outstrectched saying "Pegasus!"

8. If someone trips point at them and say "Ha ha. I laugh at you." in a really manly voice.

9. Bring your دوستوں along to the pool, and do a simeltanious bomb.
too cute,and funny
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