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 Frieza, King Cold, and ٹھنڈے, کولر again
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Looke its funny
king cold
ٹھنڈے, کولر
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1. How did آپ discover this song (and name the song)
Wretched and Divine سے طرف کی the Black Veil Brides. XD I love this shuffle. I just recently fell into absolute love with these guys XD Either way, I was surfing youtube for مزید of their songs and came across this along with several others

2. This song is your super hero theme song
Oh. I would like that XD Though its not fit for the background music, it would be a good song to explain it

3. This song describes your powers
Well going سے طرف کی the lyrics and taking them for the basic skin deep idea of it, it would probably have something akin to a godly...
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Lady sits down on a train. Man sitting اگلے to her turns to her and says, “Lady, that is the ugliest baby I have ever seen. That baby looks in a mirror, it’s going to shatter. آپ oughta put a bag on that baby’s head. That baby is just ugly.”

The woman, horrified, stands up and shouts for the conductor. “Conductor, this man has insulted me.”

“I’m so sorry, ma’am,” the conductor replies. “What he did is totally unacceptable on this train. I will deal with him later, but for now, please come with me. We’ll give آپ a nice نشست in the first-class carriage — and a banana...
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Minuman Berenergi dan Martabak Paling Enak di Jakarta yang satu ini bisa menjadi sebuah tempat favorit untuk berakhir pekan bagi penghuni Bintaro Jaya bahkan seluruh masyarakat Jakarta pada Umumnya. Karena berbagai fasilitas yang memanjakan pengunjung ada pada link dan Martabak Paling Enak di Jakarta.

Ada cukup banyak Minuman Berenergi dan Martabak Paling Enak di Jakarta, dan baru-baru ini di kawasan Bintaro Jaya yakni sebelah selatan Jakarta telah di luncurkan sebuah Mall yang bakal menjadi pavorit untuk di kunjungi setiap akhir pekan bahkan setiap hari sekalipun, karena anda tidak akan pernah...
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I prefer the album version but this is a really good song. Very catchy too.
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