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This Random پیپر وال contains چاکلیٹ fudge, چاکلیٹ لغویات, پینکیکس, آسانی سے ٹوٹنے والی, ٹافی, مریخ پر, نازک, مٹھائی, and ٹوففی. There might also be تقسیم, الگ کریں, دھندلا پرت کیک, فرعثٹید پرت کیک, چاکلیٹ پڈنگ, and چاکلیٹ فرنی.

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posted by ShiningsTar542
Yay! girls,these days short hair is in. But if آپ have just cut your hair short and آپ don't know how to style it, it can be a challenge. Today we have some tips for آپ :D

Very Short:

This would be like the cut that Emma Watson has. It is a cut that gives the face a mysterious look to it. All your can do with a cut this short is style it a bit with gel, یا play around with the badg if آپ have them. آپ need to be sure that آپ want this look, because once you've got it, there is little آپ can do about it.

Medium-Short Hair:

This is a good option for those who want to try out short hair but...
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Well, this is what happenes when I get bored...I put a message through every language in Babel مچھلی and see what I get...and some of the results are really funny. I tried this one to see just how unreliable Babel مچھلی could be...

Original Message:
I would like to conduct a تلاش as to how accurate this translator is. As instructed, I have used grammatically sound language and correct spelling. I will put this message through every language inside the translator and see how the final message varies from the original one. If the results turn out as expected, some words will be literally “lost...
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Ok so me and a friend wrote a little play on the school bus. It's about two دوستوں riding the bus together and chatting. It's called Druckies. Not sure why but the two characters are named Z and Awesome


Z:hi!I like pie


Z:Whats my Z stand for?

Awesome: Zebra. Yup your new name is Zebra


Awesome:Don't forget to remeber me...

Z:I see a ٹٹو with dolk-a-dots

Awesome: With strawberries.

Z:OOOO and cotton candy!

Awesome: Cotton candy?

Z:I'm going to marry big bird.

Awesome: Good luck with that

Z:Oh look a red fox. AWW! that red لومڑی is eating a kitty! No wait thats not a cat...
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posted by laspanglish
there is agirl who hides her face,
a picture of carelessness and happiness in replace.
she laughs and jokes,and tries her best,
puts on abrave face,leaves out all the rest...

please her fanily and her friends,
carefull not to speak,not to offend.
pretends to live a life of harmony and peace,
but a soul dark and twisted a tearful beast.

when twilgiht comes she cries alone,
abandons and locks away the sickly clone.
her hidious دل all torn and sad,
releases her feelings dangerous and bad.

with only god she can confide,
his glorious power nothing can hide.
when the sun rises in the east,
again she wakes up,pretending,in...
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