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This Random پیپر وال contains چاکلیٹ fudge, چاکلیٹ لغویات, پینکیکس, آسانی سے ٹوٹنے والی, ٹافی, مریخ پر, نازک, مٹھائی, and ٹوففی. There might also be تقسیم, الگ کریں, دھندلا پرت کیک, فرعثٹید پرت کیک, چاکلیٹ پڈنگ, and چاکلیٹ فرنی.

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posted by Irk_Invader_Eve
I am here. I am everywhere
Every place you've been I have waited
Every face you've seen I have worn
I have not one name but thousands
I come on the wings of an epidemic
Of a massacre
A lone scream in the night
Announced سے طرف کی the distant thunder of a war
or the bleat of the slaughtered calf
I visit the dying in their burning skin
Devour the bodies of the sick
I crush the hearts of the hopeful as I dance on the backs of the weak
Your greatest fears are my delight
With your cries آپ invite me in
I am the betrayal آپ could not have seen
The killer آپ thought آپ knew
One دن I will be your mother یا your...
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posted by shiriny
one in 10 of the world's population is left handed.
four out of five machintosh computer designers were left handed,and one out of four Apollo astronauts were left handers too.

مزید famous left hander:

drew barry more

Angelina jolie

nicole kidman

Marilyn monroe

demi moore

Mary-kate and ashley olsen

julia roberts

Hans christian anderson

mark twain

Billy کرن, رے cyrus

celine dion

Pierce brosnan

jim carry

Hugh jackman

brad pitt


leonardo davinci



Albert einstein

george bush

charlie chaplin

cary grant

napeleon bonaparte

bill gates

marie curie

rachel adams

mark spitz
Hello there. As many of آپ have already noticed,there has been a lot of stuff that's not for kids 13 and under. Like pornography in a couple of spots and vile language. As their seniors I guess,we should make this place safer for them. Nobody wants to be arrested for talking sexually to a 12 سال older یا for posting child porn on here. But many people wonder why they shouldn't curse. I will honestly explain that to you. Please enjoy this opinionated article.

One of the first reasons why a person shouldn't curse (type them anyways) around 13-11 سال olders on here is because they might learn...
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1. PAY ATTENTION! Even though paying attention is hard and focus is laying else where, paying attention is a huge part and connects to all fields of school. Homework, quizzes and tests, participation, and notes all depend on how much آپ pay attention. Sleep and eating breakfast usually helps your focus :)

2. BEHAVE AND PARTICIPATE! Keep your eyes glued on the concept یا teacher, and don't be influenced to stray else where. Just raise your had if آپ know the answer, یا ask an educated question. Other than that, BE QUIET!

3. HOMEWORK! this is the one of the fundamentals of getting an easy...
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