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 The Encyclopedia of Immaturity
The Encyclopedia of Immaturity
So I have this klutz book called the encyclopedia of immaturity and there are some passages in it that I thought would be good to share on fanpop.

Passage Number 1
A Quick Reference: Homework Excuses -
Sometimes آپ just can't seem to remember why it is آپ didn't do your homework last night. If that's your problem, here's your answer.

1. I sprained my brain. The doctor says no heavy thinking for a week

2. I have a rare paper allergy

3. Why should I do homework when the universe is winding down and the sun will explode in 50 billion years?

4.Excuse me? I don't speak English. But thank آپ for asking....
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I'd planning to do this for a while, and I finally found the time. Remember this is just my personal opinion about these characters, if آپ disagree please be polite.

Be prepared to see some weird characters listed here! Also this فہرست is subject to change, depending on what mood I happen to be in on a certain day.

Honorable Mentions

30. Rasputin- Anastasia
29. Maleficnet- Sleeping Beauty
28. Black Widow- Marvel universe
27. Tiana- The Princess and the Frog
26. Dr. Faciliar- The Princess and the Frog
25. Hades- Hercules
24. Snow White- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
23. Glittering...
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