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 Elijah Jones, 2019 album? and K-12?
Elijah Jones, 2019 album? and K-12?
Recently, Jones had released an interesting pastel and aesthetic looking تصویر on his channel with his name entitled on it. The pastel تصویر was of a تکیا and quotes expressing "I haven't gone anywhere... I've been teasing. I don't know if آپ guys are ready for what is about to be in store.."

We think that Jones's اگلے promotional album will actually be K-12 سے طرف کی Melanie Martinez. As subjected from a پرستار account. This would make sense because in January 2019 Jones released a piano song entitled "Teddy Bear" it is a referenced look to the new surprise promotion this year.

Upon the quotes....
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posted by Windwakerguy430
So at this point, I’m going to assume indie games with a chill cyberpunk bar setting that has drink mixing mini-games is going to become its own niche genre. VA-11 HALL-A was the best of that genre, but I guess we can assume the 2nd topper for it would be The Red Strings Club.

The Red Strings Club is an interactive indie عنوان where آپ play as a bartender named Donovan and occasionally his پسندیدہ customer, best friend, and possible gay lover, Brandeis, as آپ go through the story of a corporate empire wanted to change the world for the better, which in short takes away their ability...
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