Random WHAT ARE آپ SCARED OF ???!!!

Pick one:
hairdressers .. D:
Snakes.. i cant even add a picture of...
Snakes..i cant even add a picture of them...deathly scared!
Death... and he can&# 39; t be pictured..
Death...and he can't be pictured..
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I don&# 39; t know...
I don't know...
Added by McDreamyluva
spiders and snakes!!!!!!
spiders and snakes!!!!!!
Added by Bella_Swan96
Relationship breakups :(
Relationship breakups :(
Added by deathnote
Natural Disastors
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Natural Disasters, Snakes, Spiders, Relation Break- Up
Natural Disasters,Snakes,Spiders,Relation Break-Up
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being kidnapped!!!!
being kidnapped!!!!
The Old Hag (Really, really scary hallucun- ation)
The Old Hag (Really, really scary hallucunation)
Added by Ovybo
Clowns.... I hate clowns.....
Clowns.... I hate clowns.....
a few of the above
a few of the above
Added by zanhar1
Darkness alone (being alone in the darkness)
shadow fangirls- ....... man there scary
shadow fangirls.......man there scary
Added by pokeman101
Natural disaster&# 39; s & amp; Spider&# 39; s
Natural disaster's & Spider's
Added by twilight0girl
I&# 39; m not scared of anything.
I'm not scared of anything.
Added by Whirlwind586
* Shivers* needles
*Shivers* needles
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