Random Do آپ hate the repeated questions, fanpicks, articles, pictures, forums, ویڈیوز etc?

Pick one:
I really don&# 39; t care about them
I really don't care about them
I think I don&# 39; t because I&# 39; m one of them who...
I think I don't because I'm one of them who repeats somethings!!!!
آپ can&# 39; t imagine how much...
آپ can't imagine how much...
No, it&# 39; s fun to see them again! : P
No,it's fun to see them again! :P
meh, kinda
it depends on what is re- posting
it depends on what is re-posting
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 Winxlove posted پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
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