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posted by -NoLove-
LOL Hai there.. Im lizy call me liz. I have ONE daighter named Rose I hate school,fakes,assholes,meanies,sluts,whores so much مزید x3 Fee free to ask سوالات BUT on the other hand here,.. Im dating Kevin X) 1-9-12 ^^ Best fucking دن everrrrrr Im being really really random.. One منٹ I talk about me then Kevin now im just going on going on bleh bleh BUT.. My best دوستوں are Chole (wife) Rebecca (boo) Henley (best fuckin fran) so umm feel free to add haters can hate I really dont know what to else to write.. but it wont let me go ahead and کریں شائع this.. so.. random shit..mmmhm... bye now x3
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added by Rebecca59
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This song makes me think of Kevin c: I smile everytime I hear it xD