You’re my soul mate? That’s what you’re trying to say?”

There was skepticism in my voice and I’m sure she caught it. The look that she gave me was a mix between concern and hurt.

I quickly reached for her and pulled her towards me, his body shaking as I rubbed circles in her back.

“I didn’t mean it the way I کہا it. It’s just that, well, no one has ever told me that and I didn’t think that I would ever hear that from someone.” I spoke.

She pulled back, there were tears filling her eyes.

“I know it seems so soon, but you’re the one for me Sebastian. I can’t describe it. I know I should love Francis, but I don’t. Not the way that I love آپ and it hurts me to not to be with you, it hurts me when I see آپ with other women. I love آپ Sebastian. مزید than anything.”

The kiss Mary gave me was مزید intimate than any kiss I had ever received from any woman that I had been with.

“I love آپ too Mary.”