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 Image From: The Renesmee Carlie Cullen Fanclub.
Image From: The Renesmee Carlie Cullen Fanclub.
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[Basic Info]

Name: Mackenzie Christine Foy
Nicknames: Kenzie یا Kenz [NOT MACK]
Age: 9 years old
Birthday: November 10th, 2000
Country: USA
Haircolor: Light Brown
EyeColor: Blue/Green
Height: 51.5 inches [ 4 ft 4 in]
Regular Size: 7-8
Shoesize: 2

[Fun Facts]

Mackenzie has take ballet, jazz, and tap.
She is also a Blue بیلٹ, پٹی in Taekwondoe.
Likes Ballet best.
Sometimes gets little present from the company she models for.
Loves both acting and modeling.
Mackenzie is homeschooled.
Loves Giraffes.
Loves Horses and Fairies.
Has 2 dogs, Windy and Dusty and a cat called Luna.

[Has Worked...
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 Ariel Winter
Ariel Winter
*Two of these children are not really actresses, but most are so that's why the عنوان has the name it has*

Okay, there has been a lot of debates and ideas on who should play Renesmee Cullen in Breaking Dawn. Most people are just going to wait, a lot مزید are settling on one actress. Others just have no clue! I, on the other hand, see almost any little girl suggested as Renesmee. But there are four who appeal to me thoe most, and here they are;

1. Bella Thorne (11 years old)
Bella has the same تفصیل as Renesmee; the bronze, curly hair...the chocolate brown eyes....looking so adorable. She...
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CHAPTER 6: bella

"MOM," I cried.

"Someone help," she whispered.

Everyone was at her side at once carrying her inside the house. When she could talk and looked refreshed everyone started throwing سوالات at her like she was the bat and everyone was the ball.

"Tell us everything," Carlisle demanded.

"Well when they took us they put us under this kind of spell and we were forced to follow them. But they were werewolves but they couldnt phase back to humans it was the weirdest thing ever!" Bella exclaimed.

"Mom, wheres dad," I asked.

"When i escaped he was still alive, but they didnt like him much but...
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posted by renesmeegirl
Without you, our life was serene, boring and dangerous,
Without you, I could not, would not live.
Without you, Rosalie would hate me
Without you, Jacob’s life would be meaningless.
Without you, the sun would be black,
Without you, Edward and I would never see the stars
Without you, I would die.
Without you, my sweet daughter my life would be just as dangerous as before.
Renesmee, آپ are a blessing, and we love آپ so much!!

We love آپ
Love, Momma, Daddy, Jacob, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme,
Carlisle, Jasper, Alice
posted by courtneykutie
Note-when When Alice say's see's she means her Visions!!

Alice's POV

I groaned,everyone looked at me,Jasper was driveing but still looked at me

"What?"Renesmee asked,she was sitting right اگلے to me,on her other side was Maggie

"I cant see,If Iam going to find anything good at the Mall and its driving me nuts"I کہا and sighed

"Why cant آپ see anything?"Maggie asked

"I can but its all blury and iam getting the same glimp'es that ive been getting all week"Jasper frowns at what I say,Iv told him what the boy looks like and that he might be something like Renesmee

"Why cant آپ see anything?"Renesmee...
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posted by floydieface
Continued from chapter "one مزید Nail, One مزید Coffin"

“Nessie don’t. Don’t آپ dare regret that kiss! I don’t. I never will.”
“But my dad took me away from you”
“I don’t care about that. Your kiss was the best experience of my life! “
“Ness…I’m in love with آپ too. I always have been since the دن آپ were born. I been waiting for آپ my whole life. “
“How what? How could I be in love with آپ from birth?”
“Well that’s kind of a long story actually.”
“I want to know.”
This was the one thing I figured I would never need to...
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posted by sami1002
Adam's pov

I ran tracing Renesmee's sent when I found her laying on the floor infrount of Aro.I bowed my head and told him I was taking her back to the room,he told me to proceedbut to never let her out again.I tryed to pull her up after Aro left but she wouldn't move,I looked at her face to find her eyes closed. I picked her up and carried her back to the room and layed her on the بستر .Would she be mad if I just looked in her dream to see what was happening.

Renesmee's pov

I was back in the hall but in wasn't that girl I ran into it was mom " honey were are you" she asked looking around me " mom I'm right here the Volturi kiddnapped me please mom tell dad " I yelled after her as she faded away "NNOOOOOOOOOOOOO MOOMM PLEASEE DON'T GOOOOOOOOO"I yelled
posted by edwards_No1
"Hey jakey!" i shouted as he ran over. Jacob was a great big brother but he was looking at me differently lately like i was the prettiest girl in the world. He had probably got it wrong because rosalie was most pretty. "hey nessie! Come take a ride with me." he کہا running to the new car he brought. i followed him. We went to a little spot in the forest filled with sunlight where we sat and had picnics on the rare sunny days we had in forks. "Renesmee آپ know how quil imprinted on claire" he began. "yes jacob" i کہا interupting. "well i kinda imprinted on you..." he mumbled. "YOU WHAT!"...
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posted by courtneykutie
Iam so made I had it really long then I hit a button and it all disappeared!!:(
Math class
Renesmee's POV

Miss Smith our math teacher is very stupid,she uses a calculator for ever thing,My dad just says 'not every one is as smart as you',Me and Riley text all hour.At my میز, جدول I sit with Gabe,the سٹار, ستارہ football player who is very smart,has really beautiful eyes and has ever girl drool over him.Well Ricky has lots of girls flirt with him and it bugs me.

My phone vibrated,which Means I got a new Text-
She is so freakin stupid,no wonder she has no husband-Riley
I giggle,Gabe...
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posted by courtneykutie
Renesmee's Pov

One سال Later...

We haven't seen any Volturi this year,I think Mags must of scared them to death,every one told me how mouthy and pissed of she was,she has the most reasons to hate them,killing her vampire parents and kidnapping us.She has the rights to be mad.Iam glad were ہوم and safe.

"Grampa,I want chocolate ice cream,"Eric said

"I want سٹرابیری, اسٹرابیری Grampa,"Jazmin said

"I want Vannila and pickles Dad"I کہا and rubbed my tummy which was pretty big,Jake made a gagging sound,I glared at him

"Muma that's gross"Jazmin said,we were all sitting around the میز, جدول with the family,dad was...
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Note-I don't know if I will write it yet but here's what it will be about.


Have آپ ever had to pick between 3 people آپ love..

Here's my story...

Jake the werewolf,that has inprinted on me,since the first time he seen me,Ive had him in my life live since birth, we've been best دوستوں till I got older and started to like him مزید than that.I thought we would be together forever,get married,have kids and Live forever... until...

I met,Ricky,he's just like me(meaning half Vampire/human),Has dark brown hair with Green eyes,Jake was away for the summer on بھیڑیا business.So...
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posted by RenesmeeCarlieC
I loved her. I loved the woman, Bella, if thats her name, carrying me, in her womb. I was trying to stay still, but my movements, my toddler posture, it was to big for her stomach. I couldn't get enough air from all this heat. The blood went down again, and I heard this Bella, Momma, say, "Rose'll catch me if I trip over my feet."
Bounce. How many times was this going to happen?
Then, I heard the sound of something tipping over. I couldn't take it--the heat, my big body--for normal human babies, aren't آپ supposed to breathe? I know I can get out. There is a way, right? A nice way to crash through...
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posted by SarahAllieG
Harmony should play Renesmee! I mean, people who THINK they can be Renesmee always have to be teenagers, die their hair, blah de blah de blah... but I imagined Renesmee to have BROWN hair not RED! And Harmony looks exactly like Renesmee. Her hair is brown, her eyes are warm, just like Bella's. Her singing is beautiful! So many reasons...
Now no mean تبصرے because this is for Harmony, the ultimate Renesmee!

To the mommy:

I know how to find the real auditions! I'll help you.

Harmony, I wish we can meet some day!
Jacob’s POV
I liked that idea. Living together and having a little family. I stood up and hugged her. She hugged back and mumbled something I didn’t quite catch. I loved Renesmee and she loved me back. that’s all that mattered right now. She would come live with me, Aneleise and Ethan. “Lets go and talk to my Dad” she urged, pulling me along. “um Jacob” she mumbled. “yes honey” I replied. “where are these kids?” she asked. “Shit!” I grabbed her hand and we ran to Emily and Sam’s house. I opened the unlocked door and stepped into the little house. I had no Idea where...
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posted by alybops
nessie and jake- chapter three
i didn't bother to take a car. i just ran. when i got to jake's house they were in the front yard.
"STOP!" i screamed as i saw my mom lunge at jacob in his werewolf form. why did i care? why did i care so much about him still. maybe because i'm not a horrible person.
i myself really don't know why but i jumped in front of jake. my mom mustn't have seen that it was me because she tore me apart. she punched me over and over until jake attacked her.
that was the last thing i saw.

i woke up the اگلے دن in my bed. the...
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posted by alybops
nessie & jake chapter two

i ran to my car. turned it on. and drove. i drove as best as i could through my endless tears. after a couple of minutes, my dad was there.
he drove me the rest of the way home.
"sorry nessie."
"he always کہا he hated leah. he always کہا leah was bitter, and heartless."
"nessie maybe this was best."
"what are آپ talking about! im nothing without jake!"
"nessie just think about it. since آپ were born آپ were tied down to jacob."
"i don't want to talk about it anymore dad!" I pratically screamed it at my dad, which ended the conversation.
we got ہوم a second...
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Chapter 16 (i think ;])

"renesmee! oh honey your safe!" i hugged her.
"esme! we have to get out of here! he's gonna find us." she whispered.
"who will?" i asked.
"i will,"a voice said.
We both spun around to find nahuel glaring at us.
That must be the person who's gonna find us.
"back away slowly, and when u reach the door, run as fast as آپ can, do آپ hear me," i whispered.
Renesmee nodded and did as i said. I quickly pulled out my phone and texted the secret message to carlisle, t.c.i. (trouble.come.imeditly.). we were gonna be ok, i could feel it. Nahuel was slowly coming foward with every lethal...
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This is my 4th Chapter from my new fanfiction
Hope with all my دل آپ guys enjoy reading it :)

Chapter 4
Bella P.O.V
"Unfavourable Situation"

-The safest risk is the one آپ didn't take-

I didn't know what to do, How to escape.
Reneesme showed me that she would want , یا need to شامل میں them.
I didn't know what to say...
Of course I disagreed to what she had suggested, but after the Volturi will kill us, If they would win, Nothing is still محفوظ for Reneesme and Jacob.
What if they find them somewhere?
No doubt they'd kill Jacob and take...
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posted by alybops
nessie and jake- chapter five
i was determined to beat leah till an inch from death. i had never seen myself so angery, i'd never seen my personality change like this, i'd never thought about doing something so evil.
which is exactly what i thought about an گھنٹہ after i did this:
i pounced on leah, letting out the most ferocious sounding growl i've ever had.
first, i grabbed her سے طرف کی the back of her neck and punched her in the face with all of my force. it did facial damage, but it was like she didn't notice. she put her leg to my chest and let out the most forceful kick, sending me about 40...
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do to circumstances beyond my control I am give my story and all things related to it (Dose It Ever End) Over to goldengragan.I will not at this point be continuing Dose It Ever End
plz ignor the things گیا کیا پوسٹ after this
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