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Amber Does Dallas - DFW's premiere shadowcast - presents a special Halloween preshow - a parody/tribute to PSY's Gangnam Style, performed سے طرف کی a variety of characters from Repo The Genetic Opera..
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I love fucking love repo the genetic opera.I saw when ti first came out and fell in love with.Blind Mag is my favorit I love her voise amd tha eneding was magicalI think that she should have been able to liveand go with Shilio and leave that bullshit behind them.
I love to sind with the muvie my 7 سال old loves it.I love the dresses and makeup and the music.I use to hate musicals now I will whatch them no matter what.
My best friend saw it and now everytime she comes over she has to whatch it.I dont mind i love the muvie to,so we upt the muvie on and get lost in it.
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**Based on Terrance Zdunich's تبصرہ on Zydrate Anatomy being a nursery rhyme

I have a blue glow

In a little glass vial

Won't آپ come and

Stay for awhile?

I'll give آپ a hit;

First time's free

But like any other dealer

I come with a fee.

A zap to the skin

A needle in a bug

There's an underground way

To obtain the drug.

There's a rich scalpel slut

Addicted to the knife.

But she hasn't realized,

It's shortening her life

Damn, the GeneCops are here

We've really gotta run

But اگلے time I'll bring

My Zydrate gun

(I'm probably annoying آپ to death with my fanfics)
I’m in an empty alley, just randomly navigating through it with no destination in mind.

I turn corners and walk through side streets. Occasionally I’ll witness a group of Z junkies gathered in a tight-knit group, begging for a hit.

I’m tempted to go over and get a hit myself. I slowly steer myself in the direction of shouting, desperate voices.

Suddenly I hear heavy footsteps behind me. I turn and there he is. Death. In a Repo Man costume. I don’t run یا scream یا beg for my life.

I stand still, waiting for him to approach me. He reaches out and grabs my neck, forcing me to face him. He...
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