Okay, so these five are my absolute پسندیدہ Revenge characters.

1) Emily Thorne, Formally known as Amanda. Obviously, she's the reason we watch the show. She has the Death Glare down to an art, she carries off a sundress کے, سوندریسس like a boss, and she has fabulous hair. Oh, plus, she likes to dramatically X things out with a red marker...Like a boss. (sorry, overuse of مقبول terms here. Can't help it :D)

2) Nolan Ross, also Like a Boss. He is the other reason I watch the show. Seriously, without Nolan, where would we be? Or, worse, a Not Awesome version of Nolan. That would kill me. UGH.

3) Jack Porter, the sweetest guy one earth, as Declan so eloquently and much مزید platonic ally points out in the latest episode, Scandal.
He will do ANYTHING for people he loves, and it's beautiful.
Also, he's hot. Mega-hot.
BTW, I ship Jolan, in case آپ wondered. I know آپ didn't, but I have to say that every time I mention Jack. It makes me happy :D

4) Sam, the Ageless Dog/ Victoria Grayson. This is not a joke. I seriously love them,both, equally.

5) شارلٹ Grayson-Clarke, just for being gorgeous and awesome.

...just had to write that out. Your سب, سب سے اوپر five?