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me n my friend Anna WE R 2 SEXY 4 U ALL! :-)
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There are some simple ways from which u can bcome rich!!! :-)
& im giving them out for free.... :-)


1) Inheritance=
This is the easiest way to make money, but also one that usually isn’t in your control. If your parents یا someone in your family doesn’t have tons of money, آپ probably will not be inheriting it.
2) Stunning physical attributes=
If آپ are good looking یا athletic آپ can usually make a good living through modeling یا sports. If آپ are not athletic there isn’t much آپ can do to change that, but as for the modeling part آپ can always get plastic surgery if...
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This is the video which tells us that poors can become rich just how u have to have faith in آپ & figure it ur self