Cattie's POV

I delicately balanced on a thin piece of wire as it hung from one house to another . I was pretty much excited since there was gonna be a carnival here . Perfect ! I walked to the middle and stared at the moon ... It had rings around it a couple of days پہلے . " the weather is going to change isn't it Manie ? " I whispered . A gust of wind quickly passed and there standing in the air اگلے to me was The Voice in the Wind, my oldest and most greatest friend ever . Her ice blue eyes stared at me with a feeling that made everything melt away . She gently put her hand on my shoulder and whispered to me ( for her it's normal since she always whispered ) " Jack Frost is coming, he'll be arriving in a منٹ thanks to me again ! " I giggled slightly " Did آپ tell him that you're the one who takes him places yet ? " Melody smiled and shook her head . I smiled and looked down at a girl who was running away " hey, is that girl ok ? " Melody looked down at the girl as two girls ran after her, I was getting worried " c'mon ! " I کہا as I jumped down from the wire . I followed the two girls until they stopped at a dead end . " ارے ! Why're ya runnin we haven't دیا ya سینڈوچ yet ? " the blonde cracked her knuckles loudly . The girl with brown hair at the دیوار was moving back a bit . The other girl with Hazel hair moved closer and smirked " What ? Is the little girl crying like a baby now ? Too bad, I love making girls cry ! " The two were about to get closer when a snow ball hit them in the face . The brunette and I looked up to see Jack Frost . I guess she believes in him ! The girls looked around and got a bit scared " W-well we got to go ! " they ran off . The girl was still staring at Jack " ارے my cousin Jamie knows آپ ! " Jamie was she talking about Jamie Bennet ?

Jack's POV
I was surprised . This girl knows Jamie ? مزید importantly she's his cousin ? I smiled a bit " Well nice to meet آپ kiddo ! As آپ might have heard from your cousin which I know well, I am Jack Frost ! " the girl got a big grin on her face " well, hello ! My name is Cleo and I have definitely heard all about آپ ! " I smiled then looked over at a person that was moving away slowly " Well see آپ اگلے time ! I have to go ! " I followed the person until she got to the other side of the building " hello ! " I کہا while frightening the person . The person wasn't in the light so I couldn't see him . " Um, آپ don't have to hide ... " Then person crept further away " Ok, come out and fight like a man ! " That made him come out " UM HELLO ! " I stared at the person ... It was a girl in weird clothes " Oh, sorry no offense ! " I held my staff in the crook of my arm
" I'm surprised Jack ! آپ insult just as good as آپ are at being a guardian ! "
" ... How did آپ know I was a Guardian ? " The girl stared at me in anger " because I was the same as آپ before آپ were a guardian ! No one can see me except for one person ! " I stared at her . Suddenly a gust of wind blew my ڈاکو, ہڈ over my face
" ... How do آپ always manage to find me Mel ? " I uncovered my ڈاکو, ہڈ and stared at a girl with sliver roses in her hair " Well hello Mello ! " Melody smiled " Hello Jack ! آپ must have met Catarina haven't آپ ? " The girl اگلے to melody waved her fingers .
" nice name ! "
" yeah, don't push your luck " She blew her hair out of her face and cracked her knuckles ... That made me feel weird hearing her knuckles . " Why is she so angry ? " Melody looked confused " oh, because I called her a man سے طرف کی accident . " Catarina rolled her eyes and started fixing up her hair a bit " She'll forget about it after a while . " I nodded

Melody's POV
I smiled at Jack and drifted towards a little پھول and touched it delicately . Cattie was still grumbling but it wasn't as long as a few سیکنڈ پہلے . She was calming down . I touched the silver rose in my hair and one of the petals flew off but another one took its place . The petal flew onto Jack's head . He took it off and put it in his pocket . Cattie to out her ribbon stick and then jump onto a cord that was hanging from two buildings . She moved the ribbon about which glittered in the moonlight . A little smile crept up on her face which made me feel happy . Jack watched in amusement as she danced with the ribbon . I looked over at Jack who was now stunned . " what's wrong ?" I drifted towards him " how long is that ribbon exactly ? " Cattie looked down from the cord and called a muffled answer . Jack couldn't hear . " Cattie says, if آپ thought about it hard enough it would be 10.5 five meters long but from some directions it might look longer یا shorter but if someone were to cut it then it would just grow back and at will it can grow longer and the maximum length is 30 meters . So yeah it's 10 meters . " He stared at me
" Is that what she کہا ? "
" nope ! That's just my way of saying that she told me a lot about her things ... She's very chatty so I always memorize it . "
Jack laughed just as Cattie came down . " what's so funny ? " I shrugged " nothing Catarina-" she covered Jack's mouth " dude, CALL . ME . CA-TTIE ! " she uncovered his mouth . " ok, Cattie ! " I smiled " this is great ! You're getting along perfectly ! " I hugged them . I felt them shrug but I didn't care, I let go of them after a منٹ . " Jack have آپ seen any signs of pitch ? "
" Who's Pitch ? " Jack and I looked shocked " آپ don't know who Pitch is ? " Cattie shook her head . " He's the Boogeyman . " Cattie suddenly burst out laughing " What ? Does the Boogeyman like to dance یا does the boogeyman prefer to be called Boogerman because he sneezes a lot ?! " Jack and I started giggling a bit but straitened up again " no, he brings nightmares . "
Catarina/Cattie (The Joker)