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robert pattinson is the best actor i have ever seen because of his slim figure and great taste in clothes. Every one i know loves his hair and so do i. In his latest film new moon he didnt دکھائیں up much but we still loved it. but the down side to him is that he smokes if he carrys on smoking he will end up not being the fitest man on earth. Robert was born on the 13 May 1986, London, England, UK.

we all think he is 100% gorgus anyway.!!!!!!
rock on robert pattinson keep them looks up. he is a great actor but we should see him مزید in eclipse
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Bravo: What kind of تاریخ type are you? Do آپ arrange everything before hand یا is it spontaneously?
Rob: I like it to plan romantic evenings. Although, I mostly don’t know what to do. But if I have a good idea once I’ve to realize it. It’s appealing to someone.

Bravo: What do آپ figure out? Kristen and آپ are often seen on concerts, آپ have to buy the tickets for it…
Rob: When I take her to a کنسرٹ it’s a gift

Bravo: What’s a real تاریخ for you?
Rob: When we can talk during the date. Maybe a dinner, as every couple enjoys it.

Bravo: But the two of آپ aren’t undisturbed, at least...
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