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Check out link in roblox

شامل میں the ROBLOX Ambassador Program and help us get the word out about ROBLOX! Earn tickets and help other gamers like yourself find ROBLOX! A bigger community means مزید players visiting places, مزید people to play against, and مزید people creating new and original levels.

Here are the two big things to know about the Ambassador Program:

1. We award 2 tickets per دن for each link. There is currently an award ٹوپی at 50 live links.

2. We encourage آپ to post لنکس on personal ہوم pages, blogs, and profiles, but please don’t post to forums. We don’t want to overwhelm other sites, and we will not credit لنکس to sites that could get overloaded.
Create Your Link
Post the following link text on the target page. Remember – personal ہوم pages, blogs, and profiles.
The first one is all filed so for people who want مزید لنکس here ya go, post them.

link. Check out link!

Ambassador is the thing where آپ post the link. ALso, I will put a guide to using it.

1. Go to your ROBLOX account, and select ambassador program.
2. Copy the link in the box.
3. Go to A blog of yours, a homepage, یا a پروفائل (probualy make it yours) and paste that link on the page.
4. Once pasted copy the ایل آر یو of where the link is. (in the adress bar, copy that)
5. Paste that to the box right above the button 'submit link'
6. Go to link inventory.
7. Refresh page every now and again.

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I know lots of people still think that 1x1x1x1 is a real hacker یا a hacker group on ROBLOX, some even claim to have met him/them on a ROBLOX place. This is completely fake, because of this I will repost a thread سے طرف کی link

I گیا کیا پوسٹ this in a thread that subsequently died. I'm posting it here so آپ can refer back to it later. Keep the link to this forum. Distribute it. Tell people the truth. Because the truth is actually quite boring.

Lets talk about where the name comes from. Long ago, Telamon گیا کیا پوسٹ a number of stories about Roblox's backstory...
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