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 Dominiques nighty night outfit
Dominiques nighty night outfit
Recap-u and Roc got in a fight over little things he picked u up&carried u to y'all house and slammed the door shut
he tryna apoligize to u

Roc:*throws u on couch&sits ontop of you*
Domo:ow not like dat
Domo:it ain't dat funny big meany
Roc:u still mad at me
Domo:*pout face&crosses arms*yes i am
Roc:Domo baby
Roc:u know i love u rite
Domo:yes i do
Roc:and u know i wouldn't do anything to hurt u but i did and i'm sorry*head down*will u forgive me
Domo:*thinks*lifts head up&kisses forehead and lips*
Roc:i take dat as a yes huh
Domo:*nods head yes*but get off me
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