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Today was such a dull day. It was storming really bad today. Every time آپ look outside lightening strikes scaring آپ to death. And then a loud boom of thunder would shake you. It seemed like every گھنٹہ that passed it got darker outside. And of course you're highly afraid of the dark. What makes it even worse is that Roc wanted آپ to watch Dracula, the scariest movie of all. Luckily آپ had Roc there to keep آپ safe. آپ were curled deep into Roc's arm. Roc got up to fix him something to drink. Weird this is though he went outside. And آپ could have sworn آپ heard a cat scream. but you...
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one دن I went to a mindless behavior concert
and I really really really wanted to talk to my band crush roc royal so I was super suprised when he asked me to come on stage gave me a back stage pass I got off stage and in my head I کہا SQEEEEEEE.So after the کنسرٹ I went back stage their was a black door with'm 2 gards I showed them my back stage pass they did not belivme so l knocked on the door Princeton
awnsered it I کہا um I am here to see roc rolay he کہا roc it's for آپ so he came to the door hi I کہا hi he کہا then he کہا
let's go outside so then he took my hand and took me behind the building we were in so we talked for a bit then he lwanted in and so did I and he kissed me sqeeeeeeeeeeeee. برانڈی Renee Thomas
this is the first imagine I've ever written so I know it sucks so please don't judge me. I hope آپ like it

you are walking when آپ see your bestfriend Princeton walking ahead of you.

you:Yo Prince wait up

prince: ارے boo what's up

you secretly blush because آپ know deep down inside آپ have feelings for Prince but don't want to admit it

you: umm what are آپ doing later on today

prince: nothing

you: perfect why don't آپ come help me pick out a dress for a party I'm going to

prince: alright

1 گھنٹہ Later

you: alright what آپ think about this

prince: umm it's alright

you: what آپ mean alright do I look...
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Chapter : " He Like's Me ... No They Like Me "


1 Week Later ...

TassyPooh's POV ,

Me and Roc are talking on the phone right now , he keeps on asking me to come to this fancy رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا with the boys , but I'm kinda scared because of what I did to that girl and they got mad at me , I know Roc isn't mad , but I don't know if the boy's are still mad at me . Well I hope they aren't I smiled . " Pooh , so will آپ come , ? " Roc begged , " I don't know Rocky , are they mad at me , ? " I asked , " Tassy , I keep telling آپ NO ! , they even want آپ to come...
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Enjoy ! , ♥

10:00 PM

@ Mindless Behavior's House

Prod's POV ,

The boys and I are making sure that Roc calls Tassy , were not making him do anything until he calls her , were not even making him eat . Yeah were kinda horrible . We really want Roc to have a relationship with someone that he really likes and a girl that likes him . Usually all the girls that go out with Roc take his money یا some shit like that , every girl we go out with just uses us . It's unfair , we all want to find a girl that really loves us for who we are & not to just take our money. " I'm starving , ! " Roc yelled ,...
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