Romance & Filthy Rats' Tails: A JAlice Story Club
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Romance and Filthy Rats’ Tails: A JAlice Story.

Part One: Alice

19th September, 1913

Esme Cullen’s kitchen, usually such a nice, homely place, filled only with the scents of baking and the sounds of Esme humming as she cooked, was filled with headache-inducing levels of noise on this summer day, 19th September, 1913. Sunlight filtered through the gold-brown leaves that clung to the trees in the Cullen’s front garden, reaching its long, yellow fingers through the window and spreading pools of warmth and light in random places on the work surfaces and tiled floors of Esme’s well cared for...
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Romance & Filthy Rats’ Tails: A JAlice Story


24th December, 1939:

I couldn’t help but feel guilty as I walked through the thick, ever-falling snow. If I didn’t go, though, I would feel worse. It was just he thought of my past behaviour that bought the heavy weight of guilt to my head.

I think I was the only person in the whole سٹریٹ, گلی that was walking alone. Elderly couples shuffled along through the thick, hazardous snow, their arms linked; parents with tiny bouncy children and older, moodier teenagers wandered along, talking amongst themselves; unsupervised children were all...
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