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posted by Carlypopper432
This fact is something about Romione. SO SWEET! <3

1) After the battle, Ron and Hermione's سیکنڈ kiss was in Mr. Weasley's shed full of Muggle junk, because it reminded Hermione about her parents.

Really, what were آپ expecting? Romione FACT not facts.

That is a fact about my lovely Romione couple.

Romione rules. I have no idea why Joanne Katherine Rowling regrets it!

Nobody can change Romione (Maybe with the power of photoshop)

Okay, fine. I'll post another one.

2) I love Romione <3
posted by missceleb86
Ron buried his head in his hands. Why didn't Hermione just listen when I کہا that we should go to St Mungos? he thought. Her screams pierced his heart, sharper than swords piercing the flesh.
"Ron!" he looked up and saw Harry and Ginny running towards him. Ginny enveloped him into a tight hug "Its going to okay Ron. Hermione will be okay." He wanted to cry, he wanted to scream. The only time Hermione screamed like this was when..
He tried not to think about it. Harry sat اگلے to him and gave his arm a reassuring squeeze.
His parents; Molly and Arthur arrived next. Molly burst into tears and...
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Rupert I think was cast as the best of the three. I wish they would of دیا him مزید lines to دکھائیں his bravery and loyalty. Steve Kloves ruined Ron سے طرف کی giving all of his lines to either hermione یا harry. On that note, I hate how they always seem to push Harry/Hermione (movies made مزید people harmony shippers). Kloves is quite lucky that Rowling likes him, and they both dismiss these concerns with ‘well, some of our شائقین are really hardcore’ but we don’t usually nitpick at the little things. This isn’t a little thing. Another little thing that we usually keep quiet about, only Rupert...
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I have been wanting to write this for a while so here it goes but i will get some hate. Movie Hermione is frankly very bad. She's too well dressed (I always pictured Hermione sticking to school uniform, and at the very most t-shirts and jeans), and she wears make-up all the time. Worst of all they give her ALL OF Ron's LINES (I can't be the only one sick to DEATH of seeing poor Rupert Grint standing and grimancing all the time. Her Hair Bushy? مزید like primped and straightened to PERFECTION and BlONDE! Emma Watson played Emma Watson, not Hermione.(after 2nd movie she told the crew she wanted...
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posted by kris24x
ارے guys so i wanted to write this because a friend of mine (who is a harmony shipper) got into a conversation and she asked a سوال that made me really think. So this سوال i'm asking for everyone out there. It is would آپ still ship Romione if it wasn't canon? Like what if harry/ hermione ended up together ?I think this is a very interesting سوال and no one has ever asked it before. Me personally, i would still ship it because they are so cute and there is so much evidence of love there. So let me know what آپ guys think?
posted by missceleb86
Ron was actually shaking! Nervousness was written all over his face.
"Harry do آپ think they'll like me? I mean Hermione's family?"helplessness was evident in the tone of his voice. Harry simply laughed.
"Shouldn't Hermione be asking Ginny that question?Instead of آپ asking me?"
"Oh shut up Harry"snapped Ron, his face becoming a shade redder than his hair.
Arthur entered the room to check and make sure everything was alright.
Harry could have sworn he had never seen Ron dressed this nattily. The usual unkempt hair was brushed, his clothes were for once not stained and shoes polished until they...
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posted by ARadomperson
Those are feelings of Hermione in sixth book, after Lavender SNOGGED Ron. I HATED this scene! And you? Well, anywa, enjoy
Hermione's P.O.V
I looked around the empty classroom, gripping the گٹار in my hand. Yes, I knew how to play guitar, and right now, I needed a moment of peace. I sat on one of the chairs, and lightly started to play, while singing a song, that just popped out to my mind.

"Ronald Weasley, you're so thick.
The way آپ look at her, it makes me feel so sick.
Lavender Brown is such a....skank!
Is that really the kind of girl that آپ appreciate?

My hair's too frizzy; I'm too smart....
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After the Battle of Hogwarts, I had a change of lifestyle. I wasn't that know it all, snobby chick anymore, I was a totally new person. I told Harry and Ron I was finishing my 7th year. They didn't really care. Harry was working as an Auror and I didn't even know what Ron was doing. It was all different. Strangely different. Fred Weasley was dead, so was Lupin and Tonks. Every دن I thought of them, crying about 15 منٹ of every hour, summing up to about 360 منٹ a day! I couldn't even speak a word about Fred around Ron because he will start crying. I could only talk to Harry about the...
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posted by missceleb86
Gusts of strong winds blew, messing up Hermione's hair and سے طرف کی the time she and Ginny reached the Three Broomsticks with bulging shopping bags, Hermione's hair looked a lot like a lion's mane. She and Ginny managed to tame it down a considerable amount before entering the shop. Ron and Harry were already waiting for them, their butterbeers half finished.
"Bloody Hell did the two of آپ buy the whole دکان یا what?" greeted Ron.
"Hermione wanted to make sure that she should buy something that you'd like as well," contributed Ginny.
"Well lets see what آپ got then," کہا Harry.
Hermione held up a...
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posted by missceleb86
The essence of old age had dawned upon Arthur. A feeling quite alien to him. He sat in the small living room of the Burrow, one leg on سب, سب سے اوپر of the other he sat reading the latest news in the Daily Prophet.SIX CAULDRONS EXPLODED سے طرف کی TROUBLEMAKER screamed the headline. Arthur intently sought to read the article, but was disturbed when he heard a sudden outburst of laughter and a slight giddy protest. "Ron don't آپ dare!! I just got my dress ironed! I don't want to look like a ragga مفن, چپاتی when we tell them!!"
"Mum already knows," was Ron's reply.
"Yes well your father doesn't know! Harry and Ginny...
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posted by missceleb86
Lazy days of summer had begun, the Burrow was filled with warm sunshine Yet the house had an air of loneliness. The only Weasley child who remained in the Burrow was Ron, unmarried and busy in work.
Molly gazed out of the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ window to see...
She didn't believe her eyes at what she saw, but the sight warmed her دل immensely. She saw a lanky but strong young ginger man, carrying a now beautiful young lady, whose only flaw was her squirrel's tail type hair. Ron seemed to be laughing with the satisfaction of a seeker who has finally found what he was after, finally having found his golden...
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( orginally put this in فورم then moved it)I have recently come across a ivideo of a scene cut from dhp1 want to know everyone's opinion. When the snatchers catch the trio, scabior was tormenting Ron and beating him up. But then takes it further سے طرف کی implying and bragging how he was to rape Hermione. Scabior then was suppose to drag Hermione off but Ron had f eventually distracted him from doing the unthinkable. It would of made a great scene because it shows all of Rons love for Hermione but they had to deleted it for the rating of movie. What are your thoughts on this deleted scene?
posted by missceleb86
"Hermione!" کہا Ron as e came to greet her at the door way of their house.
"Yes Ron?"
"Someone left آپ a message honey."
"Can I have it?"
"Not after آپ give me a kiss."
Hermione laughed as she gave Ron an affectionate kiss on the cheek. Satisfied Ron handed the letter to her.
"Whose it from?"
"I don't know i though آپ won't like me opening it."
Hermione opened the letter and read the delicate curvy writing.This is what the letter read:
Dear Hermione,
I know I'm the last person you'd want to hear from, but i had to write this letter. Firstly i hope آپ and Ron are getting along fine.
Do آپ remember...
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posted by DeniseAnne
The reason - Hoobastank
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
The scientist - Coldplay
Wherever آپ will go - The Calling
I don't wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith
The only exception - Paramore
Leave out all the rest - Linkin' park
Feels like ہوم - Chantal Kreviazuk
Fight for this love - Cheryl Cole
Do آپ know? - Enrique Iglesias
She's the one - Robbie Williams
With me - Sum 41
Shine on - James Blunt
Beautiful soul - Jesse McCartney
آپ and me - Lifehouse
Without آپ - David Guetta
Love story - Taylor Swift
Tired of being sorry - Enrique Iglesias
Wish آپ were here - Avril Lavigne
Come to me - Jesse McCartney
I'm in love - Alex Gaudino
Not one of his siblings would let them sit with him. Not one. Percy told him he was a nusiance and that he couldn't be trusted. Fred and George told him that he would just disrupt their business, and Ron didn't know what that meant. So, here he was, wandering the train in order to find someone, یا anyone, to sit with. He was about to give up when he saw the boy his mother helped with arriving on the platform earlier. Since no one was sitting with him, Ron thought that he should sit with him and keep him company. He opened the compartment door and peeked his head inside. ''Do آپ mind? Everywhere...
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~This takes place when Harry, Ron, and Hermione first meet, and it is in Hermione's POV~

Hermione Granger wandered the magical train she had stepped on an گھنٹہ ago. It was still all like a dream to her, but it wasn't. Everything here was all-real. It was mesmerizing. She still couldn't believe she got picked to be a part of it all. While trying to find a compartment to sit in, she overheard someone searching frantically for something called Trevor. She looked through the glass door to see a pudgy 11 سال old boy searching for, what Hermione thought could be a pet. ''Trevor, Trevor where are...
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 Ron and Hermione's Wedding Picture
Ron and Hermione's Wedding Picture
--The idea for this fanfic was from the mind of missceleb86--

''Ron, slow down!'' Ron was carrying Hermione out to the car. Everyone was cheering behind them, for Ron and Hermione had just made their vows. ''Hermione Weasley, If I do anything it will not, be to slow down.'' Ron finally got to their new car that the whole entire Weasley family had pitched in to buy. Ron slid Hermione into the passenger seat, and Ron got into the drivers. With a rumble of their engine, the Weasley's were off to start their new life together.
''Ron, where are we going exactly?'' Hermione had been asking this question...
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Hermione Granger was downstairs. But she wouldn't be Hermione Granger for long, pretty soon she would become Mrs.Hermione Jean Weasley. It had a nice ring to it, and Ron loved the way it sounded. Maybe it was because the thought of spending forever with Hermione was the only thing that he would want to do with his life. Maybe it was because the thought of having little ginger kids with her seemed perfect. But Ron didn't care at the moment, the only thing he cared about was that his Mione was alone downstairs, and he intended to sit with her.
He walked downstairs, only to find Hermione sitting...
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Ron could hear Hermione sobbing. Well not sobbing really, maybe crying softly. He turned around to see Hermione staring up at their bedroom ceiling. Tears were in her eyes, and Ron knew why. He was still mad, no furious, at that Healer for telling Hermione that the thought of having kids for her was impossible. Ron took Hermione and laid her on سب, سب سے اوپر of him, with her face facing his. ''I thought آپ were asleep.'' She whispered. ''Believe me Mione, I could never sleep with آپ crying like that.'' She put her head on his chest and started to cry more. He rubbed her back warmly, for he knew that...
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Ron was trying to wait patiently. He was at Kings پار, صلیب Station with Hermione and Hugo, and Rose was coming ہوم for the Holidays. He hoped that Rose was not sitting in a car with Scorpius Malfoy, but with Albus یا James یا whoever her other دوستوں were. But Ron's thoughts were interrupted سے طرف کی his sister and best mate. ''Well, I guess you're happy to see Rose after these months, right?'' Harry asked, grinning. He knew full well that Ron was missing Rose very, very much. He would rant about it at work every single دن for a ماہ after she left. Eventually, Ron got over it, and Harry was grateful...
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