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Umm....i am still new around here......and my opinion about rosa-vam is that it's better if instead of a 3rd season it had a عملی حکمت remake that follows the manga, but i would like, when they will do the remake, to have Nana Mizuki as Moka's voice actress. I think the remake is better cause the manga is way ٹھنڈے, کولر than the anime. Don't آپ agree with me? Those are just my thoughts, well....umm.....i am a big fav of rosa-vam (have the 1st season of the manga and collects the second) so it's a litttle dissapointing that my fav manga doesn't have a so good عملی حکمت adaption....
to long we have waited for a season three of rosario+vampire, this club was made to make ideas to at least make three be a season three, write to the creators etc. for too long we have waited for a season 3, now it is up to us too to save the rosario vampire series to continue, it is us the عملی حکمت شائقین that can save it, so looking آگے to your ideas, we can save rosario+vampire, all it takes is for us to band together to save the دکھائیں we all know and love also sign the petition for season 3, ill be posting it up soon....
written سے طرف کی club creator and co-creator