This is all about Rouge's story from she was a little girl. This text is what I've read from true wiklypedias on google so I have decided to bring it to Fanpop! Please leave a comment! There might be some parts where you'll think "This girl is MAD!!!" yes I know but all of this IS true. I do expect a bad تبصرہ so PLEASE be honest.

To start off Rouge's dad was called Conor and her mum was called Ariel. She had two sisters and a brother. Her father was a crimelord so that is probably where she got her excellent thieving skills from. Shockingly, before she was a treasure hunter یا a spy she was a stripper but quit soon after her family died mysteriously. She then had a passion for jewels and became a spy due to a trap that was meant to be for Sonic The Hedgehog. She became دوستوں with an agent; Topaz and they became so close that when Rouge left she burst into tears. Meeting Shadow The Hedgehog was awkward but the two became the best of دوستوں along with Omega. From Sonic Adventure 2 and on Rouge has become a مقبول character. Then a comic came out that was after the games ended and Knuckles and Rouge were boyfriend and girlfriend but after a tragic accident Rouge found out that Knuckles had died and married Shadow and had six kids. One دن while Shadow was out, Rouge was having her last child which was a pain and Shadow had no clue but it was a success. So Rouge مزید یا less had a good life in the future so that should make the شائقین happy! Also in other comics Fang The نےولا, نیولا had a HUGE crush on her but they had no relationship due to Rouge's slight disliking.

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