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 Captain Swan♥
Captain Swan♥
Sarah, آپ just absolutely mean everything to me. It's been a few months now that we've known each other and I've enjoyed every منٹ of it and I hope we can make so many مزید memories in the future. I just fell in love with آپ and your personality. You're such a caring and compassionate person and I love everything about you. There's been so much drama these days and you've always found a way to overcome it and be strong and I really admire آپ for it.
I can't believe you're 19! You've really grown up so fast. I hope آپ have the best birthday possible and I will be here to celebrate it...
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posted by S8rah
 آپ guys make my دن I don't know what I would do without آپ
You guys make my day I don't know what I would do without you
aNNalovechuck- My soulmate,My Sister& My twin when I first spoke to this girl I knew we was going to be close and now I wouldn't know what to do without her I love آپ my Angel♥

Vidvida- My Sister she makes my دن everytime we speak she knows how to cheer me up and knows what to do when I am upset don't know where I would be without her on fanpop I love آپ My JB twin♥

Harry_Ginny33- My HazzaStar honestly this girl is amazing I knew from when we first spoke we was going to be close than ever she is so amazing she makes my دن everytime I see her post and now wouldn't know what to do...
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posted by superDivya
My mother told me I should go and get some therapy
I asked the doctor, "Can آپ find out what is wrong with me?
I don't know why I wanna be with every girl I meet.
I can't control it.
Yeah, I know it's taking over me.
I'm going crazy.
Can't contain it.
So tell me just what I should do?"

She said, "Hey, it's alright.
Does it make آپ feel alive?
Don't look back,
Live your life,
Even if it's only for tonight."
She said, "Hey, it's alright
If it makes آپ feel alive."

Went to a party just after the doctor talked to me
I met a girl, I took her right up to the balcony
I whispered something in her ear that I just...
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posted by aNNalovechuck
 you're an ari queen
you're an ari queen
BABE <3 OMFG I can't even believe you're 18 already and i guess neither can آپ , realize.
I know since آپ were 16 and now im 16 , just asdfghjkl <3

Since today is your special دن i want to wish آپ to have the BEST time today and for the rest of the سال , I also wish آپ to not have problems with anything and always be healthy and happy. May all your wishes come true :*

You're really everything to me and I just love talking to آپ مزید than anything.! you're the Serena in my Blair , the Sophie in my Cara , the Allison in my Lydia , Aria in my Spencer ,Perrie in my Leigh-Ann , you're the Sarah in my Anna , آپ complete me and we will always be together سے طرف کی heart.

آپ do are an awesome person and we LOVE آپ , you're beautiful , you're smart , you're worthless.! Never change for any کتیا, کتيا who is messing around with you. آپ deserve the BEST of the best. xx

 آپ will surely meet them <3
you will surely meet them <3
 me , chezzy , mira and آپ <3
me , chezzy , mira and you <3
 forever will for forever be ours <3
forever will for forever be ours <3
posted by S8rah
ارے Guys her is an مضمون about me
Name- Sarah Louise


Height- 5 Foot 3

Hair Colour-Brown

Eye colour-Blue

Family- Mum and 2 Brothers

Celebrity Crush- Niall Horan<3

Role Models- Perrie Edwards,Eleanor Calder,Rita Ora,Cher Lloyd

Fave Female singers- Taylor Swift,Selena Gomez,Miley Cyrus,Rita Ora,Cher Lloyd,Alicia Keys,Lana del ray,Jennifer Lopez,Rihanna

Fave Band- One Direction,Little Mix

Fave Male singers- Justin Bieber,Ed Sheeran

Fave Tv shows- TVD,Friends,glee,Gossip Girl,Nikita,One درخت hill,Supernatural,Doctor Who

Fave Movies- Harry Potter,Grease,Twilight,The hunger games,Lord of the rings,The avengers,Captain America,Thor,The notebook,The vow

I play the گٹار and Piano

I love football and Golf

I have been on fanpop for two years

People who mean a lot to me on here are

Relationship Staus-Single
 the شبیہ when we first met <3
the icon when we first met <3
ارے Sarah hey,

I'm sorry for being late on making this مضمون cos I usually be the first one lol just kidding. sigh.
To be honest, I am completely sorry if this مضمون is not very special like others, not very perfect like other people had made. I am indeed a horrible friend. But let's not talk about me, but we need to talk about you! Because today is your special day.. a very special day. All I can say is just wow. Wow. I can't believe that we have been دوستوں for like 3 years now. I still remember your first شبیہ when we first talk to each other. It was Rita Ora. I remember it like it was...
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hey babe! I hope your holidays are amazing. I've made آپ some شبیہیں I hope آپ like them. I wish I could give آپ all the presents in the world and someday I will but this will have to do for now
I love آپ very much
 max & warren
max & warren
posted by xayeishax
Does he tell آپ he loves when آپ least expect it?
Does he flutter your دل when he kisses your neck?
No scientist, یا biology
It's obvious... When he's holding me
It's only natural, that I'm so affected...
Oh, and my دل won't beat again
If I can't feel him in my veins
No need to question, I already know

It's in his DNA, D-D-D-DNA
It's in his DNA
And he just takes my breath away, b-b-b-breath away
I feel it every day
And that's what makes a man
Not hard to understand
Perfect in every way
I see it in his face
Nothing مزید to say
its in his d-d-dna

It's the blue in his eyes that helps me...
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posted by S8rah
 Elise (Assassin's creed)
Elise (Assassin's creed)
I know I may have done one of these before but a lot has changed since then and this is for new people who want to know about me so I hope آپ like it and It needed some change and my old one got deleted

Name: Sarah
Age: 19 soon to be 20
Birthday: 3rd of January
favourite colour: Purple,Black,blue and red

I'm a huge video game پرستار and like and play so many games so I won't have all of them in this مضمون because it would take to long also I would like to be a video game designer.

A فہرست of some of the games I play:

Assassin's creed
life is strange
tales from the borderlands
the walking dead...
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Yo, my best friend, best friend 'til the very end
Cause best friends, best دوستوں don't have to pretend
You need a hand, and I'm right there right beside you
You in the dark, I'll be the bright light to guide you
'Member the time, time, times sneaking out the house
All of the time, time, times that آپ had your doubts
And don't forget all the trouble we got into
We got something آپ can't undo, do

Laughing so damn hard
Crashed your dad's new car
All the scars we share
I promise, I swear

Wherever آپ go, just always remember
That آپ got a ہوم for now and forever
And if آپ get low, just call me whenever...
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 Sam for آپ ♥
Sam for you ♥
Happy Birthday Sarah!!

Babe, I love you.♥

I'm sorry that I couldn't wish آپ on your birthday, there's a lot going on right now but I wished آپ as fast as I could. Forgive me, please :(

Here's for you, my gift ♥

(A small rubbish poem سے طرف کی me to you)

You are beautiful,
You shine like a diamond,
You are graceful,
And آپ are wholly, perfectly, You.

You always help everyone,
You are one of a kind.
You are great fun,
A friend like آپ is a hard find.

Sorry for such a shitty poem babe! -_-

I wish آپ a great, great birthday and I hope this سال goes great for you. آپ don't need to feel down یا depressed,...
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posted by Imyselfandme
Dear reader,
if you’re reading this, you’re one of my closest friends. آپ literally mean the world to me, and I never want to lose you. I feel like we belong together, it wasn’t an accident that we met.
Well, first if you’re reading this, آپ should know that this was supposed to be a birthday letter. I was so worried that I was going to be late of course, that’s me I guess. I’ve made mistakes and disappointed آپ for a long time, haven’t I? Multiple things I’ve done and I’m so ashamed now. I haven’t been the perfect friend but that’s assumed isn’t it? آپ haven’t been...
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 I love آپ forever and always<33
I love you forever and always<33
Anna~No one will ever understand
my love for this Girl she has been there from the start
we have a friendship that is unbreakable she Will always
be my Blair thanks for being my BFF<33

Mira~My Wifey I could write all day about this girl
and still want to say no more I don't have a limit on how much
I love this girl our convos are crazy and special and ones
I will never forget You will always be the Dani to my El
thanks for being my Wifey<33

Jen~My HazzaBabe my twin when I first met
this girl I wouldn't believe we could be as close as we are now
she is a big...
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posted by Renesmee_08
 Happy Birthday, Sarah! Xx
Happy Birthday, Sarah! Xx
I'm not good at writing these types of things so I hope I don't sound awkward! ;)

I seriously cannot believe my Sarah is 18! It seems like just yesterday we met here on Fanpop! I'm just so proud :') Words cannot describe how amazingly wonderful آپ are babe! Seriously! I remember being a bit intimidated to talk to آپ at first because I wasn't sure if you'd like me یا not so I was a bit scared. But then we fangirled all the time cos of One Direction and such and became the best of friends. I love آپ so much that I'd never get tired of telling آپ how perfect آپ are babe <3 You're always...
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posted by S8rah
Okay so I just want to let everyone know this may not be a
permanent thing but for now it is because I have had enough of
fake people on here and people who talk shit behind other peoples
back and others that just backstab you

fanpop is meant to be a happy place where آپ can get along but
recently I'm not happy when I sign on there seems to be مزید drama and I'm honestly just tired and done with it.

I have had some good years on fanpop and meet some nice people
some have become my closest دوستوں and I wouldn't let them go because they mean everything to me but now everything has changed a lot and...
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posted by Imyselfandme
My Reasons:

1. You're beautiful: I've never seen what آپ look like on the outside,and maybe that's why your inner beauty is so stunning,but honestly,if there was such a thing as models based on inner beauty,trust me,you'd be a super model.
2. You're such an impact: To me and to a lot of people. You've impacted my life in مزید ways than آپ know and in your own SPECIAL AND UNIQUE way.
3. آپ listen: آپ listen to my ramblings and my problems and I'm so happy I can go to آپ for help and advice and support. I feel like I can tell آپ everything and obviously,I can't say that about everyone.
4. You...
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This song is dedicated to my beautiful big sister. Sarah!
Sarah I don't know what I would do without you.
Your the Alice to my Rosalie, the Ashley to my Nikki, the Perrie to my Jade, the Eleanor my Danielle. Your my Hazza/Demi/Cher twin. آپ are my everything!
Thank آپ for coming into my life, آپ are a miracle ღ


If آپ ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you
If آپ ever find yourself lost in the dark and آپ can't see
I'll be the light to guide you

Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our دوستوں in need

You can...
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posted by rusher29
This is dedicated to one of the most amazing people in the world, Sarah!

When I first met Sarah, I knew we would be دوستوں forever!
She’s so kind, sweet, adorable…and so so much more!
Sarah, آپ mean the world to me!
I love آپ مزید than anything!
آپ make me laugh when I want to cry, آپ make me smile when I’m feeling down, آپ make me feel better when I’m sick, thank آپ for everything.
I will always be there for you, no matter what happens.
You’re the Louis to my Harry, the Liam to my Niall….You mean so much to me!
Thank آپ for being there for me through everything, thank آپ for being such an amazing friend!
آپ light up my world like nobody else!
I love آپ Sarah! <33
 I love آپ endlessly Sarah!♥
I love you endlessly Sarah!♥
 ♥~The Jade To My Perrie~♥
♥~The Jade To My Perrie~♥
I don't think there's a person that can replace you. You're just perfect to me. There is no one that can be my Nialler Princess♥ Everytime I talk to you,it's like آپ take me to another world with all your sweetness and perfectness.
You're perfect to me and no one will
EVER change that because آپ are the most sweetest most amazing person I've ever met. You're irreplaceable.
We both come from the same place! Yeay! Wolverhampton♥ It's Beautiful Since You're There.
You're like the Eleanor to my Danielle.
The Jade to my Perrie.
When I first started talking to you,I was nervous. I knew that آپ were sweet,but I thought "What if she doesn't like me?" Then we started talking..
آپ became my Nialler Princess~♥
~~~~You Will Always Be The Most Amazing Person To Me~~~~
*Niall Would Marry آپ Any Day
 ♥~The Eleanor To My Danielle~♥
♥~The Eleanor To My Danielle~♥
 ♥~The Girls~♥
♥~The Girls~♥
 ♥~Our Boys~♥
♥~Our Boys~♥
hey babeee :)
I guess آپ know how much آپ mean to me
anyway but i wanted to dedicate آپ something as well .

when I talk with آپ im always happy. From the moment I met آپ , everything changed , i knew I had to get آپ whatever the pain . :D

We had much in common in beggining and
now we have everything in common .

آپ are just my bigger sister . آپ are always besides me .

آپ are caring , sweet , amazing , beatiful , with nice taste , phenomeNiall . آپ are my british snowflake .

everyrime I see something for آپ , I smile . I love that I have a sis like آپ besides me . آپ are so speciall to me .
thanks for changing me to better.

I will be here always . whatever آپ need me babe . that never gonna change .

Adore آپ till death :*<3
 *niall when talkes about آپ in interview*
*niall when talkes about you in interview*
 *when thinking of آپ
*when thinking of you
 آپ are beatiful like her <3
You are beatiful like her <3
 دوستوں For Everything <33
Friends For Everything <33