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A long one for آپ guys, let's find out who the monsters are shall we? ^_^

Previously on Ch.33:

"There really is no need to wash these Alice," she said, looking at the door.
"Why?" I asked, both alarmed and confused سے طرف کی her posture.
"Because they're about to be coated in a lot مزید blood."

Now, Ch.34:

"Wha -" I was about to ask, but then Bella was gone.
My family and I rushed out, and found her in our large front lawn, crouched low to the ground. Her hand was flat on the surface of the ground as if she were feeling the earth. . .
"Gargoyles are coming, seven of them to be precise. I suggest آپ all...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Thx a whole bunch for everyone's comments, that's the most I've ever gotten and probably will ever get! ^_^

*1 week later...*

"Lala, are آپ ready for your bath?" I asked her as I rose up from the سوفی, لٹانا in my living room.
She had been reading a children's book full of illustrations quietly - another quirk, she preferred a book over a toy.
She looked up at me with a bright smile - I was the only one she seemed to open up to over the past week.
"Bath?" she inquired in her childish voice that always makes me smile.
"Yep, it's time to get clean!" I said, picking her up and taking her to the bathroom....
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Okay, wow! Thx bunches for everyones تبصرے on Starlight! I'll post up a chapter of that tonight ^_^ Right now, it's DNE time!

"No Bella! آپ can't leave; what about our shopping trip?" Alice کہا quickly.
Bella sighed, and got off the bed.
"Trust me, becoming close to me is very dangerous. I wouldn't advise my staying any longer."
And with that, she began making her way to the door, and I had to stop her. I flashed in front of her and she halted to a stop and looked me square in the eye.
"Please Bella, don't leave," I whimpered out, almost begging her to stay.
"I must go. If آپ find out all the...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
 Undying Love
Undying Love
Hip hip hooray!!! Grand ol' Ch.10!!! ^_^

*Karim's POV*

She had been saddened سے طرف کی something, I was sure of it, but I'm glad to see that she has come out of it.
This sweet, beautiful girl did not deserve any level of sadness یا pain.
Then I noticed the small تصویر that she was holding and I grew extremely curious.
"What is that that you're holding?" I asked, pointing to it and she gazed down at it.
"Oh. . . just a picture of my mother," she softly replied.
"May I see it?" I asked tentavely, and she gazed back at me.
"Sure. . ." she murmured, seeming distracted about something, and handed me the picture....
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
A new story that I've been working on for the past few weeks, I hope آپ all like it! It takes place in New Moon slightly after Bella has already found out that Jacob is a werewolf and before she jumped off the cliff. :P Enjoy!

*Bella's POV*

I was scrubbing down the place before I headed over to Emily's house to help prepare a meal for our werewolves: Jacob, Sam, Embry, Jared, and Paul. I was officially a بھیڑیا girl now.
The only time I ever thought of . . . them was when I heard his - Edward's - soft, velvet voice in my head when I was in perpetual danger, یا just doing something reckless and...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Not really much to say... other than I hope آپ enjoy it! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

I can't believe all the tears I had shed. . . they were مزید than I had ever shed in a very long time.
Edward began comforting me, which I graciously accepted, but now it was time to finish my story so I could اقدام on.
"The worst part of it was. . . I never got the chance to tell them goodbye before they all passed away, never got the chance to let them know that I was alive, that I wasn't killed, just taken against my will." I took a deep, calming breath. "But then I figured, maybe I did die. The old, mortal Bella that...
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Skillet touched my دل with this heartfelt song as it reminded me of what Bella went through before she met the Cullens in DNE, anyways, plz listen to the lyrics and I hope they touch your دل as they did mine. <3
موسیقی video
posted by Sacred_Love1550
FINALLY, man! I've really missed this story... :(

*Brook's POV*

I was restless in my sleep the whole night. So I wasn't surprised to find awful bags under my eyes when I woke up the اگلے morning.
I got dressed - throwing on my white سکرٹ, گھیرنا that rested slightly above my knees, dark brown بلاؤز, کمری that had light brown flowers imprinted on it, and my usual brown sandals. I decided to wear my hair up in a ponytail and put on a bit of make-up to try and conceal the bags under my eyes.
I went to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ wearing my brown bag over my shoulder. Aunt Linda saw me.
"Oh, if your going out, Brook can آپ grab...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
I will write a chapter of Undying Love later for آپ guys! ^_^

*Edward's POV*

In all of my existence I have never seen someone in so much pain. Who has lived through unimagineable pain, and is still existing to this day.
Bella سوان, ہنس has, and now she was sharing her story with us. A story of how she came to become an immortal being, which in fact transpired vampires. . .
It was a story that took on a forbidden-like quality. Children taken from their families سے طرف کی these cruel, unforgivable scientists who experimented on them. . . on Bella. I might not can read her mind - for it has become inaccessible...
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WOW, my 30th chapter!!! I want to thank آپ guys for all of your wonderful تبصرے that makes my دن even when I'm feeling sick:( I چرا لیا, چوری کی a lot from the book Betrayed in the HON series, I cried my eyes out and while writing this, I cried my eyes out too!

Previously on Ch.29:

"In all my existence, I would have to say that dying from the Change as a child would have to be the worst possible death - partly because آپ never expected when your body would reject the Change." My voice dropped, and my eyes fell to my hands that were on my lap.
"Which brings me to how I met a girl named Addy."

Now, Ch.30:...
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Here's part two! I hope I don't disappoint ya'll!

Previously on Ch.28:

This was the part of my memory I'd rather choose to forget.
Edward saw my hesitation and put a comforting warm hand on mine.
"What did these people do to آپ and the other children Bella?" he asked, an unnameable emotion burning in his golden eyes.
"They experimented on us."

Now, Ch.29:

"They WHAT?!" Both Edward and Alice asked at the same time, both shocked and furious.
I ignored their emotions and settled into my own.
"The scientists wanted to create a vast army of immortals so that they could rule the world. Immortality only lied...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
So sorry this came out late, but I was gone yesterday with a friend of mine for Halloween, here's chapter 7 in Karim's POV! ^_^

*Karim's POV*

I ventured out of the قلعہ at nightfall and headed to the same place where I met her. My someone.
While I had been away from my unknown beauty I missed her deeply so; as if I have known her forever. . . But I suppose that's just how that vampire trait works.
Once when my brother Alfred - who has found his someone - had to be away from his beloved vampire bride, he would mope around like a zombie throughout our old castle. His personality is outgoing, rather...
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Hey! So I was suppose to actually put a part of this in the last chapter, but totally forgot to!:P So now, this chapter is extra longer... And I dedicate this chapter to my little brother, Cody, who passed away February 10, 1998.

Previously on Ch.27:

"We need to take Bella back yo our house before she wakes up, then she will. . . explain her story to us," Alice spoke after coming out of her vision.
I nodded, and, ignoring Rosalie all together, I picked my love up into my arms and ran straight ہوم with my family close behind.

Now, Ch.28:

"Her wounds are healing at extraordinary speed," Carlisle...
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posted by Sacred_Love1550
Okay, so project officially over, and now, hopefully, I'll be able to write مزید for آپ guys! Enjoy! ^_^

*Brook's POV*

When everyone was well asleep, I creeped out of my ہوم and quietly ran out of the village. I ran through the dark ravine pass and through the ever-deepening woods and finally made it to the bank.
When it came in view, so too did the beautiful vampire man whom I only met a few hours ago.
His pale white skin reflected the pale moonlight of the half-quarter moon.
As I crossed over to him, he smiled his beautiful full-faced smile that was quickly becoming my پسندیدہ thing to see...
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Sorry about the wait but I'm working on مزید chapters of Undying Love, and my project. Enjoy! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

I was lying on the forest floor in my own blood, disgusting really, but it simply could not be.
They know my secret.
Parts of my left side had been brutally scarred سے طرف کی the dragon's claws when I completely dropped my guard after seeing the Cullens right there on the battleground. My battleground.
And then the dragon released its fury upon them with an angry burst of flames and I just ran to them, not even thinking about my actions. In fact, the only thing I was thinking was, You must protect...
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An AWESOME موسیقی video that I think would be really good for my story: Dawn of a New Era ^_^
موسیقی video
Here is part one of the big discovery!!! ^_^

Previously on Ch.24:
*Alice's POV*
"Fine," he said, walking away from me."I'll go ahead and take everyone home. See آپ later."
"See آپ later," I کہا back, and made my way to Bella's truck.

Now, Ch.25:

The door was unlocked so I hopped in and threw Bella's homework for the دن on the passenger seat.
The keys were in the ignition - just as I had predicted. It wasn't very smart to leave your keys in the ignition but then again, who would want to steal this?
Smiling to myself, I started the vehicle and drove out of the parking lot.

On the way to Bella's home...
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 Undying Love
Undying Love
Sorry for the wait! Enjoy! ^_^

*Karim's POV*

I raced back ہوم with her in my mind.
"Whoa! Where's the fire?" Alexis asked as soon as I ran through the front doors of our castle.
I looked over at her, she was sitting on our creamy-white sofa looking at a magazine with our mother beside her.
"How was your دن dear?" Mother asked as she smiled her 'welcome back' smile that everyone loves.
"It was great mother," I answered her, she had brilliant rocket-fire straight hair that went slightly past her pale shoulders, and then she had brilliant sapphire-blue eyes. She was the mother of all vampires alike....
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Sorry this one's short but it leads up to some soon-to-be LONG chapters in which they find out Bella's true identity, an immortal being... but for now, plz enjoy this little bit! ^_^

*Bella's POV*

Why hadn't I put those relics up? They had just brought up my past even more, and then I had to lie about them to Edward! Though it wasn't completely a lie. . . part of it was true.
I swayed when the pain of the gars poison-like-venom came back to me - something no kind of medicine could ever completely vanquish.
I raced up to my room - which wasn't that big - and collapsed unto my twin-sized bed. I curled...
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