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posted by ppgcowgirl
It's the first دن of 2013, so what a better دن to make my SM 2013 wish list? Except for maybe 6-6-12 when it was announced, but I found out 3 days late, so that تاریخ was out. And I've been a lazy bum ^_^

1) First and foremost, I want to Senshi's Eternal forms, the Sailor Quartet (with Eternal forms, of course), and Sailor Cosmos. These were all of the things that made the manga different and better than the anime. They were vital to the story! I think that there isn't a doubt that these will دکھائیں up, being the new عملی حکمت will be loyal to the manga. Toei just needs to quit being so sure their ideas are better XD

2) The Starlights to be female ALL the time. Another bad Toei idea.

3) Sailor V and Parallel Sailor Moon. These were side-mangas, so making at least a special for each would only make the عملی حکمت مزید accurate. I want to see the tween Minako fighting for justice before she even knew she was part of something bigger. To see what happened 3 whole years before the final battle. And the run-ins she had with her future team ^_^ That got me all like, "AHH! It's Usagi! She's your princess, the daughter of "Boss" (I assume). She's your future best friend, but آپ don't know it yet!" I want all the excited and suspense feels. And Kousagi! She's the سیکنڈ daughter of our heroine. She needs a special.

4) مزید on the Silver Millennium and Queen Serenity. What was life like there? How did Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion meet? Why was Earth and the moon at war? Why is the gaurdian of Earth a male, not a female? Why no Senshi? Was Queen Serenity a Senshi? Why was there a civilization on the moon, as every other Senshi has a planet to guard, not a moon? مزید on the lives of the princesses, and how old were they even? 16? All of these سوالات need answers.

5) I want to see our timeline's Chibiusa, perhaps in the Parallel Moon special, not just the 30th Century one. Obviously سے طرف کی coming back in time and thus, creating a سیکنڈ dimension, Small Lady changed the future. Princess Lady Serenity even looks different than Princess Small Lady. Her pigtails are longer, and she looks older, like 15-17, not 6 up to 13. Small Lady's youthfulness makes her romance with Helios, who looks about 17, kinda creepy. I ship the couple all on, but I'd prefer that he end up with Lady Serenity like he was supposed to, not her counterpart of a different dimension.

6) مزید about Helios. What exactly did he have to do with Mamoru? Both were guardians of the Earth, but why? Why two and neither female? What makes Earth so special?

7) مزید Mamoru. He's my first and only عملی حکمت crush. We need to see مزید of him :D

8) New, مزید modern artwork. I know many شائقین disagree with me and want the traditional, old 90's artwork, but it's 2013 now. عملی حکمت has changed and become مزید sparkly, pretty, colorful, and just 2013. I like sparkles and ribbons and magical looking stuff; it's a magical girl anime!

9) Shorter transformations. They were pretty and fun the first couple times, but after a while, it got old. It just seemed like space filler. I'd like a quick but still exciting transformation. Usagi shouts her command, lots of glitter and maybe a flip یا two, and done. It's been made clear that transforming doesn't take long, maybe a second, so why should we watch it for much longer? Speed up all of that dancing to fit in a second, and it'd look dumb and rushed.

10) Less filler episodes. A few might be ok to دکھائیں back stories and get all the romance and friendship fluff we all love, but it shouldn't be most of the anime.

11) For the sub to come out before the dub, یا for no dub at all. The dub trashed Sailor Moon the first time, making it so far off from the original it was sickening to loyal fans. A dub that follows the story word-for-word (like Death Note did) would be ok, but I'd want a sub first just because dubs take too long.

12) No "naughty" scenes between Usagi and Mamoru. I know many شائقین want this because it was implied in the manga a few times, but that's all it was. Implied. The one before their wedding دن was مزید than an implication, but that I can live with as long as we don't actually see anything. No hentai! I like to think that they waited until their wedding. Afterall, Usagi was supposed to be pure, and in my opinion, being a virgin (unless married) is just part of that. The عملی حکمت never did imply Usagi was anything but innocent, but the manga did, and I want it to be left for interpretation at the very least. Usagi seems like someone who'd wait, to give into her pure side instead of her "I have a hot boyfriend" side, and Mamoru seems like someone who loves Usagi enough to wait, too.

13) Expansion on the story. مزید manga and عملی حکمت to follow would be great! Maybe we could meet Senshi that we know are there (every planet has one, as revealed in StarS) but never seen. Who wouldn't want to meet Sailor Varuna یا any other dwarf planet, for that matter? Anyone revolving around our sun would be in Usagi's court, planet, dwarf planet, minor planet, anything with "planet", as recently demonstrated سے طرف کی Pluto. I know that Pluto was considered a planet then and the change of status wasn't planned, but why not incorporate that into the story? Ceres was also declared a dwarf planet, so maybe any planet of any size (so asteroids "minor planets", too) is in Usagi's court, but they chose to fight with Chibiusa for some reason? I don't know, some explanation would be cool. And of course, the dead Senshi like Sailor Mau, should have stories. And were they reincarnated, یا were new Senshi born to guard the planets? Lastly, I wanna know why the سٹار, ستارہ Senshi have totally different uniforms. Even Mau had similarities with our main Senshi, but not the Starlights. Is it because they don't guard planets? Is there a Sailor Comet?

14) مزید updated technologies. Ami's computers should be 21st Century-ified.

15) The same voice actors/actresses. The original ones were great! If there's dub, they should be changed. The dub ones were horrible.

16) For some previews/teasers/trailers/anything! I can't stand the wait!

There's my wish list. What do آپ want in the new anime?
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