Sailor Moon پرستار Made Season 6 Sailor Kids (Need Help)

williukea posted on Nov 30, 2011 at 04:21PM
i am writing a new season where sailor scouts will be looking for their kids in a past they found only chibiusa (rini!) with her cat and she told them she came with her friends sailor mini scouts but i cant think what the enemies will be and what do they want from us firt was energy then dreams then pure hearts then star seeds what else they wants from tokyo citizens they finds mini scouts and only then they willgain a new transformation together (as serena and rini) and defeats new enemies so can you help me?
note: this season is only in english version because it cant be sailor chibi mars or chibi venus and amara with mishelle will have their own kids not together as a couple but as cousins and sailor mini pluto with mini saturn will be there (mini saturn will be at same age as chibi chibi moon :D) so what do you think of it can you help me? (oh i firgot to say moon and mini moon will have their own new transformation together)i think they all were forgot they are sailor mini scouts and lives with adoptive parents so the mission is to find and save them

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