Sailor Moon I am making FF and rlp.pleaz join.

winxlove2 posted on Aug 10, 2010 at 02:29PM
hey.I want to make FF(fan ficsion) and rlp(roleplay)if you are winx fan you know what I mean.there is 2 roles.1.your sailor must be not real(like pluto,sailor moon,mercury and all onothers)sailor dark moon can be here.2. you must tell my you whant to be just in FF or rlp(or both).you can have difirent chater(if you will be in both rlp and FF)I will have 1 in both.this is what I need:

Scepter (if has it):
Sisters, brothers:
Boyfriend (if has it):
Wish to become (another sailor):
Becomes stronger:
Biggest enemy (-s):
Should be a really good friend with (sailors only):
Favorite things to do:
Something else?:

Here is mine:

Name: Kim Fliren
Age: 20
Planet-star-thing: Dark butterfly
Birthday: December 2
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Look: has long dark blue hair, all clothes are black, wings like butterfly(black),she is from dark moon so she has black moon symbol on her neck.
Scepter (if has it): none
Sisters, brothers: Sister light butterfly(she lives in light moon but they are siters because they are both butterflys).
Parents: Queen of dark moon (mother), King of dark moon (father)
Likes: Dark things, butterflies.
Hates: Light moon, Sailor moon.
Boyfriend (if has it): Dark knight Jack
Wish to become (another sailor): Sailor Pluto, sailor corrupted, sailor Saturn
Becomes stronger: in night when there is no moon, when moon stands inform of sun
Biggest enemy (-s): Sailor moon, Light moon family.
Should be a really good friend with (sailors only): Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn.
Favorite things to do: Fly, fight, by alone.
Something else?: She is princess of Dark moon but she hates to by near her parents. she can fly
 hey.I want to make FF(fan ficsion) and rlp(roleplay)if آپ are winx پرستار آپ know what I mean.there is

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