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آپ know her as Helen Magnus’s tough, blond, gun-wielding daughter Ashley, but did آپ know she’s equally tough in real life? It takes a resilient spirit to deal with leaving a دکھائیں and recovering from major surgery (tailbone-removing, tumor-wrapped-around-the-spine major surgery), but Emilie Ullerup has done that and is already making plans for a breakout 2010.

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Amanda Tapping discusses حالیہ developments on Sanctuary and reflects on all things abnormal: Ashley’s death, Helen’s relationships with Druitt and Tesla (and Olaf!), the epic season two finale, story arcs for season three, Robin Dunne’s embarrassing habit, and more. She also جوابات many of the great سوالات کیا پیش سے طرف کی CliqueClack readers. Here’s the interview — enjoy!

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