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Rouge at down at the computer she turned it on then the internet came up and shadow was talking to another girl.shadow کہا rouge pulling him in the room."ow!" کہا shadow "stop ......please."."what is this." says rouge."it-i-its my friend ,rouge." کہا shadow."well whats this آپ wrote" "do آپ want to go on a تاریخ together" کہا rouge

"and were married we have two twin girls that are toddlers and your going with a another woman and if آپ get with her then who will i be with huh?!" says rouge.

"well THEN I GUESS WE SHOULDENT BE TOGETHER" says shadow."mommy why are آپ and daddy fighting."...
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The blue hedgehog kept running. Running from that... That monster. He stoped, out of breath. He saw something. Eyes. HIS eyes, but red. Suddenly, the monsters voice rang out, and her arms were around him.
"Sonic! Oh, I'm so glad I found you!"
He tried to break free, but the little گلابی hedgehog was stronger than she looked.
"Amy, your... your HURTING me!"
" Oops, sorry Sonic... I just LOVE you!" Amy said, letting go.
"Um, Amy, I don't, um, like آپ like that. We're friends, but..."
" Sonic?"
"I've got to go Amy." He ran, leaving her in the rain. She stared to cry.
Suddenly, the rain was gone. She...
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As we left off, Shadow and his demons that he summoned with his freaky shadow were deciding what to do. Then Sonic unfroze from his chaos control. He stumbled onto the ground, and Shadow and his demons stared at him. Well, whattya do when you're surrounded سے طرف کی demons and your old arch nemesis? Run, of course! Shadow and his demons chased Sonic through the woods in one of those scenes in cartoons when someone chases someone through a hall of doors and they get mixed up, and ANYWAY, Sonic ran again, this time to the city. But then, since it got cloudy right after when Shadow summoned his demons,...
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posted by kodithehedgehog
Tears streamed from Meat's eyes. He closed Jewel's eyes and layed her down softly. However, Meat's sorrow soon turned to fury and he turned to Belger. "Are آپ upset I slayed your girlfriend, آپ freak of nature? As I said, آپ will be reunited in the afterworld." Meat rushed toward Belger and used every skill he had to try and hit him, but Belger was too fast. He countered at the first opportunity. "You should've stayed dead, Worm. It would have saved آپ the trouble." Kodi took his chance and, in an ironic twist, shoulder-rushed Belger as he taunted. "Inferior wastes of life. آپ will die...
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posted by kimmy_wolf
befor i begin there might be a few misspellings

ok one دن i went to a party with my best freind blaze we were layghing every now and then sonic would tell us to not to tell amy were he is at, but it was funother wise then i herd amy say "shadow git back her!" i asked blaze how shadow was she کہا so guy black red آپ know how it is so i left the party with blaze and she droped me of at the park because i asked her too.
i wondered intoo the forst when i was pilled into the bushes were a secret clift was hidden quite well it was butiful the moon was full a clear river was sparkiling then i look at how grabed me i asked who are you. the red and black hedhog کہا in a quiet voice "im shadow who are you" i کہا im kimmy, he grabed me close and kissed me in the sweet moon light read my اگلے story for مزید oped آپ liked it !!!
posted by kammy40
Chapter 1;time to choose

Shadow was sitting in the گھاس looking up at the sky. “Shadow the hedgehog? Why does that name haunt me?” He whispered to him self-noticing it was getting dark. He got up and walked toward town to watch the humans. He gazed at them with a smirk on his face. “Well they seem to be fine سے طرف کی me.” He growled while walking away from the damn sight. A small streak of light came out nowhere. (Is that whirlwind?) He thought while moving his foot toward the right. The figure came crashing over Shadows leg and landed in the grass. (So it is him) The figure looked up at...
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posted by segafan
Shadow's POV;

Ha! Another day, another moment to torture that blue hedgehog. He's so childish, so immature. So weak.

The cool air of the morning plays with my fur. The gentle rays of the sun glitter down. This would be a good دن if Sonic was never here.

Oh well. His pain is my joy. At least he isn't he--

"Arr! 'Ello, m'lady! 'Tis is your captain here, we shall set sail once the sun goes to it's highest point! Arr..."

I spoke too soon.

"Hello to you, too, Sonic." Mina's murmur ends in a growl, and then she looks at me and mouths, He's really annoying.

Welcome to my world.

Sonic jumps down and waves...
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posted by kammy40
anyway here are examples of why shadow and amy should be together and how i know shadow likes amy and vice versa:
1:In the show, Amy thought Shadow was Sonic and hugged him. Shadow did not push her away.
2: in one of the games (i think it was SA2)near the end Amy reminded him of Maria, and he کہا to Amy "I have to keep my promise to Maria... and you." Still, some people think Amy is too crazy over Sonic to care for anyone else, and Shadow remembers Maria and won't let go of the memory.
3: shadow and amy are a rare couple think about it sonamy شائقین یا any amy couple شائقین that aren't shadamy i...
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Rocha's POV:
Life was just getting مزید and مزید eventful as time lingered on. I wondered if it would still be calm in the alley where I used to live. I thought back to the times when I was truly alone and had no one, but when I looked around and thought about how Sonic and Shadow and everyone cared for me and loved me as one of their own, I felt comforted and knew that no matter how hectic things got here, I would never want to go back to the cold, sea of lonliness, and the fact that I would never have to go back. I looked at Shadow who had a somewhat apprehensive temperment to him. "Shadow,...
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posted by silvershady
Eggman's POV:
I screwed the last bolt into my lovely creation. Soon I would get Shadow out of the way and rip the rings right off the bat's ankles myslef. I looked at the empty spots where the precious silver rings would sit. This would be the most perfect دن of my life. No one would be able to defeat my ultimate weapon. I had just sent out my strongest army of robots to destroy Sonic and his stupid little friends, and if Shadow happens to survive... well he'd better hope that he doesn't because he'd beshaking in his فر, سمور to know what I have in store for him!

Rocha's POV:
I looked up to see Faron...
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posted by shadria
Here comes pt10 enjoy
Then knuckles came in the kitchen
Knuckles:hi maria. Hi rouge. Hi tails. Where is sonic and Amy?
Rouge:they went on a run to the park together.
Knuckles:WHAT!(almost choking on his cofee)
Then they heard Amy scream.
sonic:sorry i thought u would catch up.
Amy:u think I'm as fast as u?
Sonic:well i thought. Were did i put that thing? Oh here it is.Amy this is for u.
Amy:what is it?
Sonic:its a ہار
(It had 2 butterflys one was blue and the other was pink)
Amy:oh sonic u got this for me?
Sonic:yes (then he blushed) Amy i have to tell u something
Amy:what is it?...
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Okay, I'm really sick of what crap I've seen on here. A lot of the پرستار girls on here have put so many pictures and مضامین and کوئز questions, ect. that are demeaning and discusting. (None of this applies to Myia).

The کوئز سوالات are always something like "does Shadow love me?" It's annoying!! That's for آپ and your دوستوں yo dream about!!

The مضامین are just as bad. Making stories about a love life that he has never had! Sometimes the stories seem a little too detailed.

And the pictures... Oh god I've seen some pretty bad ones. Knock it off!!

Now the فورم I haven't seen many. I have...
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"In all of the stories I've heard, they were trying to create the perfect warrior. One capable of destroying this world, so they could make a new one, ruled سے طرف کی them." "Heavy." "Indeed. I believe this 'Meat' آپ refered to is a failed attempt." "Normally I'd leave this kind of thing alone, but if they are killing people..." "I'd like to help you. This whole situation is making me look bad. I'll send Metal with آپ to take them down." "Really? Thanks Eggball!" With that, Kodi, Jessy, and Metal left. They reached مرکت, ایمرلڈ ہل, لندن and stopped in the park اگلے to a river, sparkling in the moonlight....
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"shadow....shadow....shadow!""huh?" shadow suddenly woke up. "what is it mom?"you'll be late for your سیکنڈ سال of high school" "wait i thought it was Sunday" "now its Monday now get up i need to talk you" hummm about what? " about your fath-" forget my father hes a bastard he walked out when i was four how can i trust him?!""just.. hes picking آپ up after school so be prepared""FINE" now get dressed" shadow did as he was told and wash his face and brush his he walked to school he felt like someone was watching him so he turned around and saw a black van. at first he thought it...
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posted by Ashley-Shadow
Amy was running from Shadow but she had to stop because she had ran into a cliff, and سے طرف کی the looks of it, it was a long way down. Shadow کہا "give up that مرکت, ایمرلڈ یا I'm going to have to take it from you" he کہا in a very calm but demanding voice. Amy کہا "no, I'll never let آپ get this emerald! Shadow stepped slowly to her step سے طرف کی step, Amy was starting to panic as she stepped back further and further to the edge of the cliff. Shadow on the other hand was making his way slowly to her until their faces were so close to one another that they could feel each others breath then Shadow said...
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posted by frylock243
okay, i have a little request all of آپ . i want آپ to comment, if آپ are a female shadow fan, who isn't a fangirl. in case آپ don't really understand what i'm saying, i'm talking about sane people who like shadow, but don't obsess over him. آپ may also تبصرہ if آپ are a fangirl, who obsesses a little bit over shadow, and is sane.
now, آپ may be wondering, "what do i comment?" well, SAY ANYTHING!!!! i mean ANYTHING

and just to waste your time, i'll دکھائیں آپ EXACTLY what i mean :D

mama luigi
washing basket

okay, آپ can start commenting now ;)
Brianna the Fox(Me): *Smiles* Hello Sonic fans, tonight we will be interviewing Scourge the Hedgehog!(The green perv that ALWAYS tries to rape girls)
Scourge: Well, well, well! A sexy girl is gonna interview me! >:3
Shadow: *Gives Scourge the DEATH GLARE* I hate this fucker!!! (Shes not my girlfriend but STILL!!) >:(
Brianna: Yeah..... hehe... ^__^" MOVING on...... lets start the interview!
Scourge: All right. >:3
Shadow: (To raper(Scourge)) Fuck you! >:(
Brianna: HUSH Shadow! Scourge, why do آپ ALWAYS attempt to rape girls?
Scourge: Cuz i know they want it. (Looks at her body up &...
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posted by gigitygoo
sonic: *smashing computer*SCREW آپ STUPID COMPUTER
me: sonic i کہا CNTRL S
Knuckles: *stands in a miror* oh yeah those push ups are paying off
*camra rolls to base ment*
Amy: oh talis that feels great *dont ask what they are doin*
Shadow: listen here silver this is where i keep my tresuer from those sons a کتیا, کتيا thives i call employess its one of hitlers secret bunkers it locked with a code that only i know and my brain *presses 1234* YE HAW *jumps in safe* alright let see if every thing is here
glod coins check
unicorn skelaton check
stufed ex wife
Silver : MOM
Shadow: check leprcon stining...
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 Golden Tower
Golden Tower

I blinked at my دوستوں who turned around to face the lake with a great amount of horor on their faces. Sasha looked at me angerly like the rest of my دوستوں who also got out of their shock of horor. "what?" i کہا "you killed an inocent girl and آپ were O.K. with that?" Speed کہا angerly. "inocent is not a word i would use to describe a horrible girl like Jane" I said. "sometimes i wonder why آپ have دوستوں from what آپ do to them" Speed کہا angerly. All my دوستوں walked off angerly...
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posted by silvershady
STOP! Read Chapters 1,2,3,4, and 5 first!

Eggman's POV:
I hadn't heard from Shadow for over a week now, I wondered what was taking the useless hedgehog so long? Maybe he had betrayed me... I would have to find out. So I summoned the Tails Doll, it would surely watch him for me. "Tails Doll,"
"Yes master."
"Keep an eye on Shadow, please."
"Yes master."
"Very well then. I pressed a button on my communicator and sent off the signal. Hopefully he had the bat, because her silver rings would complete the ultimate weapon which would handily destroy the whole world.

Shadow's POV:
As I ushered Faron and Rocha...
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