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I made my FIRST VID!!!
*Shippings I do Ship*

ZaGr- I like ZaGr. It's my fave ship.

DaTr- I also ship DaTr.

GaMr- There was no Gir یا Mimi. I don't know. Don't fucking ask me.

SaGr- jasminealexandra (an epic da artist) drew a little for this, it's cute.

*Shippings that do Squick me*

I learned that I like the word squick.

DaGr- I also hate this when the G is for Gaz *shudders* But I don't see Gretchen and Dib. I like Dib and Tak.

Any slash/yuri, I seriously don't give a damn about.

If a character has a blue line in their box, I don't ship them.

*Shippings that I do be neutral to*

ZaZr- Zita and Zim are kind of cute together. If I didn't like ZaGr maybe I'd ship this.

DaZr- Z for Zita. This is also kind of cute, and if I didn't ship DaTr I'd ship this.

ZaTr- I just don't think it would happen.

TaSr- I don't really know.