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posted by LadyFoxes
this just in a 6 سال -old boy was found beating a helpless بھیڑیا cub to death while his father was whatching. a little girl was watching in tears and decidie to help the little بھیڑیا she jump in front of the boy trying to hurt the little بھیڑیا she grab the sick and trew it the little بھیڑیا was محفوظ and took to the vet in tennsesee.

A couple days later the little went missing with the بھیڑیا cub they were first seen in the woods with large بھیڑیا whitch could have been the بھیڑیا cub's mother. the last plance they where seen in a cave with 6 بھیڑیا cubs and a large wolf

they never heard a word from anyone about the girl but they know that she is محفوظ with the wolves and the narture it self if wold like to know مزید infomation go to ladyfoxes page with the rest of the story.