Silver the Hedgehog My Obsession

blazethekitty94 posted on Jun 27, 2011 at 07:49PM
First Saw Him: Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, 2008
First Thought: He's connected with Blaze, he's loud, he's new, he's cute
First drawing: 2008, sucked
First Sign I Knew I Was Obsessed: I drew him a lot, saw him in my dreams
Reasons For Liking Him: His voice, looks,barely smiles .........OMG...WHAT IS IT I RLY LIKE ABOUT HIM!? IT'S THERE BUT IT ISN'T!!!
Games I Have with Him In It: Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Sonic and the Secret Rings, SSBB
Why I Stick Up For Him: I really like him, he's my fave male charrie, I know they are jealous, he's underestimated, misunderstood
Ways I've Drawn Him: with clothes, without clothes(yesh that -w-), fluffy, huge tail, emo, sad, angry, happy, silvaze, silviko, silverxpit, silverxsilver
What People See Him As: nerd, weak, whiny
What He Really Is: short-tempered, serious, wants justice
Facts I Know About Him:
-he was originally going to be an orange mink, when Sega made him a hedgie in a prototype, he had different boots and yellow chest fluff
-there is a picture of him with his back facing the camera and he's picking up a car in a book called Encyclopedia Hoffica in the ESP section(I SAW IT MYSELF!!!)
-he is an African Pygmy Hedgehog..does this mean he's black??? o.O
-his birthday is April 5th
-He has 4 fangs, the longest tail out of the hedgehogs, and the smallest ears..even without the quills on his forehead
-in 3-D games his boots are mostly black but in 2-D pictures they are mostly navy blue
-He is cameo in 2 games: SSBB going around the loop in the background with Tails and Knuckles and at the Green Hill Zone stage in Sonic and Sega All Stars Tennis along with Blaze, Big and Knuckles
-Silver has first smiled in a real Sega picture (Mario and Sonic at the Olympic winter Games)
-He weighs 77 pounds and is about 3 ft and 3 inches in height
-sometimes the muzzle color of his mouth is light brown, other times it is tannish like Sonic's
-the first time Silver was seen with his eyes wide was in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games when he loses (messing up with the final pose in figure skating, losing the dream short track)
-at the end of Sonic 06 when Blaze leaves, Silver is crying although it is hard to catch it.
-in Sonic 06, when Silver and Blaze are at Soleanna Caste Town with Mephiles, Blaze nods over to Silver motioning for him to go. After this very moment, Silver's head moves down as well as his eyes and it looks as though he is looking at Blaze's chest.
-Silver was 14 in Sonic 06, therefore he should be 18 this year since his birthday didn't pass yet

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک silverrocks83 said…
big smile
that is correct at the moment I am 18 (profile says 14 because blaze wouldn't let me post my real age) also it is nice to have my own fan club.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Evolia-Wulf said…
"he's still Kawaii- he's better off 14- but they mostly stick to gaem titles when it comes to age, not actual years."