Silver the Hedgehog We shouldn't hate on Silver!

alexischaos2004 posted on Sep 06, 2014 at 03:30AM
Nobody should hate on Silver! Silver is a very cool and (very very cute) character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series! He deserves more love, because believe me he is constantly being hated on and being made fun of in the Sonic fanbase. Everytime I see something that was created to diss Silver, or to make fun of him, I want to grab two hard cover dictionaries and smack those haters in their faces and I want them to look up the definition of "Silver the hedgehog". Silver has such a unique design that almost nobody else besides SEGA could have come up with, I mean come on it clearly supports the fact that he has Psychokinesis! Second of all, his abilities. It would be very fun to use only your mind just to do things that you wanted to do like fly around and pick things up without even touching them. Silver the Hedgehog just needs more love and support! (Warning, CURSES AHEAD) FUCK SILVER HATERS! They are just cunts who want to just keep dissing him and making him feel like he's such an unwanted character, because all of those Silver fans out there do want him to exist!

I say we try to stop Silver haters and bring more love to our psychokinesis furry friend of ours! Please, stop haters! (This is my opinion and you can choose to disagree or agree if you'd like)

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک pinkarray said…
That is not the reason why we hate Silver. We hate Silver because first of all, he can be ignorant, second of all, it doesn't make sense for a fourteen year old to act like a ten-year-old.

We don't feel that he is unwanted, we just feel he needs more work. I mean, I don't like the idea of making Silver a pre-teen and that's what I believe he is. If he's fourteen, then Silver needs to act more mature and wise instead of just using pyschokineses to make a Katamari ball and call it meteor smash, being too naive to use all of his powers and saying nonsense about saving the world. All he ever does is hit people with his mind, what about something else? If he's supposed to use his hands to hit people then he needs to do that more.

He has little backstory and development. Like how the heck did he get these powers? I also want to see him playable in a main game. He also tends to come out of nowhere and make friends out of the blue. I dislike characters that are so nice that they make friends easily.

So don't tell us what to do unless you're referring to the people that hate him for stupid reasons. Because Silver is a bad character and Sega needs to do something about it already.