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posted by superDivya
I know this isn't what I wanted
I never thought it'd come this far
Just thinking back to where we started
And how we lost all that we are
We were young and times were easy
But I could see it's not the same
I'm standing here but آپ don't see me
Give it all for that to change

I don't want
To lose her
Don't let her go

Standing out in the rain
Need to know if it's over
Cause I would leave آپ alone
Flooded with all this pain
Knowing that I'll never hold her
Like I did before the storm

Before the storm

With every strike of lightening
Comes a memory that lasts
And not a word is left unspoken
As a thunder starts to crash
Maybe I should give up


Trying to keep
The light from going out
And the clouds were ripping out my broken heart
They always say
A دل is not a home
Without the one who gets آپ through the storm

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I see all barbie movies, but I hate playing wid barbies!!
posted by amarishal
I was sitting here thinking
of the words I want to say,
but they just wouldn't come out right
so I found a different way

I got a piece of paper
and I wrote this poem for you,
but there's no way to thank you
for everything آپ do

For always being nice to me
and staying سے طرف کی my side,
for helping fix my problems
and never leaving me behind

For accepting my thoughts and feelings,
though آپ do not understand,
for never giving up on me
and being my best friend

For making me laugh
and letting me cry
and saying you'd miss me
if I were to die

Everything آپ mean to me
you could never know
In all the ways you've changed my...
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posted by a11-swift
hallo,i have written a poem about fanpop
plz tell me how's it

Luv MY friends
All of u
No words to describe u all
Beautiful friends
Luvly Clubs
Heavy talks
Lots of chats
Give lovely Polls…………☺☺☺

Answer the Questions
پرستار the icons……☺☺☺

Just write the articles
Give the links
N then پرستار the things………☺☺☺

لوڈ اپ pictures
Reply forums
Make some Quizzes……………☺☺☺

Get some props
Have some caps
Let’s do this all 4 medals…….☺☺☺

Post ur pics
In ur fave clubs
N get ur جوابات Voted as Best ………..☺☺☺

Make some friends
4rm all over the WORLD
Introduce Urselfs
To all ur FreiEnds…………..
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Princess charm school songs!!
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Princess and the popsta!!
posted by amarishal
we love u ,we love u, we love u
3 words i can describe u best in
your one of my best frnd
what i really need is u
i m rocking on the stage
being a superstar
rocking on the dance moves
being a سٹار, ستارہ
high upon the world
shining like the sun
but all i need is
love u a lot guyssss
i really really
respect bothof u
u and all my others
plsss never forget me
be my fr
whenever u feel
u need to start over
just keep faith in god
and always have a backup plan
and follow ur dreams
posted by superDivya
I was flown in a spacecraft one night and the اگلے دن I landed on an entirely unfamiliar land. Little people, as they called themselves inhabited the region. Many of them were running around aimlessly like little children, while the others were busy working on miniature machines resembling computers. I was taken سے طرف کی surprise when one of them transformed into an orb-like blob of light and traversed a considerable distance within microseconds! I could not believe my ears when one of those unfamiliar little women came to me and said, "Are آپ an earthling? I welcome آپ to Mars." I soon learned...
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