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posted by dongsuk
How do آپ do, guys?

First of all, forgive me because I think my writting stuff would be unnatural and incorrect.

I'm Korean student who has ugly English ability.
However, the reason I am writing this مضمون is
that I really touched سے طرف کی Sir. Anthony Hopkins' فلمیں and his acting, especially 'The World's Fastest Indian2005'.(Am I going right?!)

Therefore, even though my English is poor, I hope write how did I feel about his movie and What kind of energy did I got from his acting to Sir. Anthony Hopkins.

However I don't know whether this homepage is the biggest and official پرستار page for him یا not.
If so, I have one مزید quistion. Can Sir. Anthony Hopkins see these articles?
If this page is not official پرستار page, I really want to know where it is.

Thank آپ for your patience.

From South Korea, Dong suk.