Skins Best/Funniest/Favourite quote of series 3?

Pick one:
"I bought a fucking gateau!"
"And why didn't we invite him?", "Because he's a funsponge."
"Hello I am Thomas, so glad to meet you"
"Bugger! Shitification"
"She's rather beautiful, so I was nailing her"
"Do آپ know what Naomi spelled backwards is?.. I Moan"
"I've decided I love drugs :)"
"I'm not going anywhere near your crayola dick. I know where its been"
"I'm Freddie. I met a girl I liked today, she's like ...beautiful"
"I fucking love you, man. I love آپ to bits"
"Well, everybody loves me"
"Freddie she loves you, آپ know... She loves you"
"They're not still virgins tomorrow, I'll hunt آپ down like dogs"
"Well blow bubbles up my bollocks and call me Shirley"
"You can take anything if آپ want it enough"
آپ couldn't make me feel alright if آپ stapled your tongue to my clit and stood
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"Watch out Katie, might get confused and fuck آپ with my big strap-on سے طرف کی mistake
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