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posted by Bluekait
This is for Emzy. She picked three since she like them all: scary legends, ghosts, blood and gore.

If آپ pick a type of horror story, I'll do a shout out. If آپ haven't, here's a link:


Avery ran into the woods. Without looking back, she knew she was being chased سے طرف کی an un-natural force. She ran to the hut and locked the door behind her. Avery heard a loud thud. "Phew," she sighed. She climbed into بستر and slept. The اگلے morning, she was found dead at a gruesome sight.
Her head was found outside and the rest of Avery Wilson was nowhere to be found.
Her دوستوں followed her steps to see went wrong. They came upon a cementary with a small chapel and a windmill. The two buildings seem to seen better days. "This is where Avery went," کہا Zeus. Others nodded.

"Hey guys," called Brendalynn. "You might want to see this."

There was a blood trail leading up to a path. Everyone gulped. "Let's go!"
"Wait, Bre. Danny, are آپ coming?" کہا Tom. Danny nodded. Zeus grabbed his hand and dragged him to the group. Brendalynn giggled as Danny blushed. They followed the trail and came upon a old castle.
"Weird. The police کہا there was a hut, not a castle," کہا Danny.
Brendalynn grabbed hold of Danny's hand and whispered in his ear, "If آپ get scared, hold me close. I'll protect you." Danny smiled. The four دوستوں went inside. It looked like someone cleaned the place up for them like if they were expecting guests. Tom and Zeus sat down on couch.

The night came and the four دوستوں decided to stay and spend the night. Tom and Zeus went to find their room while Brendalynn and Danny already found theirs. Suddenly, there was a scream. The two دوستوں ran in Tom's and Zeus' direction. Tom's body was separated from his head. But his head was missing. Zeus was سے طرف کی the stairwell, sobbing.
" was horrible," he choked.
Brendalynn and Danny looked at each other. Zeus shot up, "Do آپ hear that?" Brendalynn replied, "That thud? Yea, I heard. Sounds like it's coming from the bathroom. Let's check it out." They headed down a long hallway and went to open a door that led to a bathroom. They all gasp. It was Avery's body with Tom's head attached. It was slumbed against the bathtub and it had no eyeballs, the sockets were pitch black. They slowly backed away from the room. It moved.

They ran. Running from the un-natural force like Avery once did. But the force took over the dead Avery and Tom and moving at an unusual speed. Zeus, Danny, and Brendalynn made it out of there alive. The events happened scarred them. They never returned where they last saw the beast, where alas still prowling the area and attacked innocent travelers today.
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This is the promo video on how my school is doing LipDub. I will post that video when they have completed it.
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