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 Wordless Sonadow&Shadic c:
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Sonic Nnd Shadow Were ShowiNn Each Other Love ;D Until Someone HadTo Ruin It C'x Lol~
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posted by lightingjolt11
ah shout tails low tails nice to see آپ
said shadow with his own tail
rap round 6 eggs he add
shadow that آپ yes but how what happen
ask tails shadow add tell tails
tails was shock at first but happy
aww کہا tails seeing his big bro
in a nest with 6 eggs tails meet both
sonic mom dad as well as shadow mom dad
sorrow neo ask tails if he wood like to be
there son سے طرف کی blood tails was مزید than happy
neo take a quill from his head quill
so did sorrow
now tails کہا neo put the 2 quills we just take out
put them on your head tails nod as he put his
feet into the lake tails add put the 2 quills...
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posted by lightingjolt11
sonic sat on his بستر with a ice blue tube in his arm
full of ice blue chaos water blood DNA 2 quills
1 مرکت, ایمرلڈ blue ice blue quill
2 ice white ice blue quill
sonic add a mask on his face tubes in his body
the pod sonic was in was fill with ice blue chaos water
sonic add bin missing for 2 moths on is ہوم world
sonic دوستوں all دیا up looking for sonic
egg man add bin put in deep sleep سے طرف کی gun
the 6 chaos emeralds was with sonic when he gone
missing shadow add his red chaos مرکت, ایمرلڈ
he found sonic in a FUTURISTIC world in a pod
in a iron man TONY lab
shadow was shock he seen sonic after all this...
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posted by sonadowlover321
sonic:y' shadow asked, where are we anyway?
rainbowdash, completly ignoring the سوال asked scottaloo,
rainbowdash:they did wake up early, how much time do they have?
scottaloo:um...about 20 minutes.
rainbowdash:ugh, thats gonna take forever.
scottaloo:geez.demanding much.
rainbowdash:if آپ must know.....we are in a factory filled with rainbows and a happy place with sunshine.
sonic and shadow:0-0......wat?
scottaloo:lets just leave them.
sonic:wait!we still have questions!
rainbowdash and scottaloo ignored the hedghog and kept walking...
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