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Amy's one chance
chapter 5

Sonic pov

After the دکھائیں i saw amy walking ہوم so i started to follow. i tryed my best not to be see but failed سے طرف کی tripping over a bug. (don't ask me how i got tripped سے طرف کی a bug it just happened)
ugh. i yelled then i got busted سے طرف کی amy.
sonic, SONIC WHAT ARE آپ DOING. ARE آپ FOLLOWING ME? she screemed.
Oh hi amy i just wanted to talk to you. i said.
What is it sonic come to break my دل even مزید یا to tell me that آپ and little miss princess have decided to get married? she کہا with anger in her voice.
No amy i broke up with sally because i realized i don't love her...
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