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posted by TakTheFox
Real Name: Unknown
Adopted Name: Sissy.

Age: 14

Species: Milen Banshee

Personality: Sissy is a friendly an somewhat naive young banshee. She has a bit of shyness about her, but is very playful. Sissy is easily entertained, and very patient, as well as fairly wise.

Backstory: Sissy was orphaned after the Refine, and became trapped in a strange cocoon at the age of four, which kept her from aging. When she awoke it was around twenty-five years later.
Sissy found herself in the Mercia of Mobocan (her dimension's Mobius) where she was adopted سے طرف کی a couple of explorers, searching for minerals and such....
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posted by MephilesTheDark
Every canon character was once an OC. OC x OC pairings are fine, aren't they? So what's the big deal over OC x Canon pairings? Yes, sometimes they can be annoying, especially in this fandom... But that doesn't make them wrong.

If a person pairs their Sonic FC with Tails, then so what?
If a person pairs their Prototype FC with Alex, then what's the big deal?
If a person pairs their Mass Effect FC with Legion, then why are آپ guys ranting on about it?

They don't love that person in the show/movie/game/comic/book!

That's not CANON!

It's a Mary-Sue!

They're not your characters; it just shouldn't be done!...
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posted by darkkhorn19
 A kitsune mask, similar to the one she wears.
A kitsune mask, similar to the one she wears.
Characters Full Name: Tataka Rakshasi
Reason یا meaning of name: Tataka is the name used for a Rakshasa.
Nickname: Carcass
Reason for nickname: She is usually around the dead bodies of the recently deceased
Birthdate: ROC era 84
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Age: 16 years old
How old does she appear: 16 years old
Eye Color: Dark grey/black
Hair color: Black with red, yellow and green streaks fading in and out as her hair grows
Distinguishable hair feature: Grows quickly
Type of hair: Fine
Typical hairstyle: Two long pigtails reaching her back with her hair usually covering one eye naturally.
Height: 170 centimetres...
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posted by WinterTheFox
(Finally decided to go with this. (*・v・)ノ Don't kill me yet.)

Name: Juliet
Last Name: Unknown
Also Known As: Has no real nicknames.
Age: Fifteen
Species: Bat
Skin Color: peach-ish
Hair/Fur Color(s)(Can Be Spit In Two Categories): brown
Eye Color(s): blue
Alignment: Good, doesn't do anything bad without a دیا reason.
IQ: Has never attended a real school and has only learned from old books. Very slow paced, although she's about average یا less.
Height: 90 cm
Weight: 11 kilograms
Occupation: Jobless. Has a hard time keeping a job.
Martial Status(Married, Single, Dating, etc): The single life
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posted by Tooootie
Name: Katelin Dufour

Age: (Depends when you're asking- story takes place over the course of many years) Adult

Personality: Bold, sarcastic, sociable, talkative
passionate, stubborn has a strong sense of justice

Height: 5'0 (This is considered short in her universe)

Katelin is the 2nd generation immigrant born in her family from Mercure. Since her parents where from Mercure, Katelin speaks French fluently and is actually her preferred language over English. However she can still keep a conversation in English easily she does have some trouble with writing in English. Born in Atahcama- a town where...
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posted by NoctusLynx
"So who's next?" Cooro asked.

"What, آپ want to tell your story now?" Tenemae scholded.

"No, no," Cooro corrected, "I just was asking an honest question.

"Actually, I think we'd all like to hear your story," Gatage said. "After all, آپ are the most reserved of all of us."

"Which gives me all the مزید reason to keep quiet," Tenemae shot back.

"Come on, don't be like that," Cooro told Tenemae.

"Unless you're hiding something," Menae slickly stated.

"I have nothing to hide," Tenemae assured.

"Then prove it, flicky!"

"You're مزید related to a flicky than I, Menae. But, just because I'd rather have my...
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posted by shadowknuxgirl
G-Sil was chokeing Silhouette, holding her above a pond. Shock, V2, Claws, Prime, and Rico stood about 5 feet from them. One step closer, and G-Sil could've dropped Silhouette into the pond. Silhouette was bleeding oil, which made it look مزید disgusting than blood. Her oxygen supply was running low, and she could barely move. Her ears were releasing smoke. And her eyes looked red and tired. It was like her own personal hell. The sky was red and cloudy. The sounds of sirens filled the air. But I'm starting at the ending, let's start at the beginning, shall we.........?

Stay tuned for part 2!!!!!!!
(FC's belong to original owners!)
Tenchi: 'man this sucks" as he desperately watches Fiona and Scourge arguing for the 5th time in a row
Predator Hawk : *sights* why did they even call us down to listen to them aruging as everyone looked at each other. And sudden a loud thud came from Scouge and Fiona stands victrous "COME ON BOY LETS GO" as she کہا with much hate and anger we knew to follow her order Tenchi: where we going Fiona? Fiona: *looks back at me and says* "you'll see Tenchi" and i started to gets the hate in her tone of voice. As i کہا to myself "these Destruix are not half bad" as we stepped in Dr. Finitevous' palace...
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posted by TakTheFox
Official Club Rules

This is a فہرست of the Official Club Rules. It is expected that these are to be enforced سے طرف کی anyone who sees them being broken. (And سے طرف کی that I do not mean that آپ should instantly attack someone, یا attack what they post. FIRST talk to them, and then if آپ need to, رپورٹ whatever is breaking the rules. If it’s too offensive آپ can رپورٹ it on the spot).

These were agreed upon سے طرف کی our community and will not be bent. If آپ feel these are unfair آپ are free to respectfully address us with your problems, but unless آپ are able to convince our community to change the rules,...
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Sonic پرستار Character پروفائل Creator


If character has one, REAL name:
Reason for Name:

Age currently
Age at beginning of story:



Primary Color (Main fur/skin):
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.):

Other Eye-details:

Does character have hair?:
(If so, the following)
Color of hair:
Style of hair:
Does character have this type of hair often?:
If not, what other types/colors are there?:


Scars/Markings (Tattoos, ect.):

Distinguishing marks:

Body type (Fat, skinny, healthy, fair, ect.)

If so, how long?:
If so, how many?:

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posted by Rachel_Savaya
Remember me? Well, I heard about what all's gone down here, how the fanpop admins stepped in and everything. So, I figured that now that things have calmed down and people are finally free again....
Well. I'm thinking that I'm going to return to fanpop. I really loved it here, and it broke my دل to leave before.
I know some of آپ still have a bad impression of me, but I want آپ to know that over the months that have gone by, I've done some reforming of myself. I'm still me, of course, but I'm a lot مزید mature than I was back during the rebellion. I can handle things in a مزید mature fashion....
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posted by TakTheFox
They never felt afraid before but this was completely unexpected. The first week passed and most thought it was just another strange test, یا that she had intentionally done something to herself. It was two months now and it had been confirmed weeks پہلے that she had no control over this.

Device had taken care of affairs during this time. They had been growing so well as a nation in their own capital; someone had to maintain the status-quo. The rumor began spreading that the doctor was responsible, creating some kind of infection to wipe them out. The green-lit Identity did her best to ignore...
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posted by TakTheFox
He found himself lost with no memory of the location he currently stood in. His vision soon cleared and revealed an orient-styled restaurant with a design of red and black for the decorations. He was not sitting at a میز, جدول and taking a full clockwise-turn to scan the area, he found himself not recognizing a single individual. There was no one here that he knew… at least it did not seem that there was.

Past the front ڈیسک was an outdoor garden. It had a stone pathway which circled a plant-covered pond with a bridge at its centers. Along the walls opposite the pond were trees, some speakers...
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Name: Nova Paradox (Real name not available X{D)
Age: 16

(Skills that do not involve super-natural abilities. Super-natural abilities go past level 20.)
Strength level:6
Speed Level: 8
Intelligence: 8
Reflexes: 8

Main Skills
1.    Swords (fencing, etc.)
2.    Parkour
3.    Dashing
4.    Nova does not claim this, but he has a near photographic memory.

1.    Nova induces Phantis-Energy. This makes his emotions his drive. The مزید determined he is the مزید powerful he becomes....
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posted by RawrMonster123
WARNING: This is from BORDOM!!!

1.) There's nothing really to respond to in it.

2.) The person always skips mine and acts like they forgot, so why allow them to do it in another one of their RP's?

3.) I flat out hate the person who made the RP.

4.) I don't feel like it.

5.) The person who made the RP is boring.

6.) I don't think it's appropiate.

7.) Your سوال involves ladies that act like sluts.

8.) I don't know the definition of a certain word and I don't feel like looking it up.

9.) I'm busy.

10.) The سوال includes rascism.
posted by Akiko_the_Cagon
(Note: I won't be writing often. And this back-tracks to my early roleplaying days when I roleplayed as Princess Safaia Sky the Cagon, aka the last old dragon clan member.)

The barely awake, pale yellow sun had just rose. The dragon clan was weak from yesterday's battle with the orcs, they also had plaged the hatchlings... Poor them. I outstretched my electric blue wings, tired and hungry, my tail unfurled as if it too, was tired. My blue hair was in a mess from sleeping on my deer hide that I had made into a roll out bed. My ears Hung low, in hunger.
So I silently ran out of the cave, barefoot...
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posted by SilverFanGirl
Never mentioned the The Trio before. The سوال in the pop quiz, if آپ have not answered it yet, go answer it NOW. Thanks.
Let's see if آپ knew this...

Leader of the Trio-

Micks the Hedgebat- A white hedgebat with blue eyes, black hair with red highlights. She usually wears a short purple tank سب, سب سے اوپر with short shorts (purple also) with boots that are light gray on the inside and darker gray on the outer side. Green wings


Lily the Bat- Brown فر, سمور with reddish hair. Black and red wings. Red short tank سب, سب سے اوپر and black short shorts. Black boots with red slash markings on the side of her boots....
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~and so i have decided to اقدام all the rainy days chapter to this پرستار club for all the awesome persons who havent read it so they can and they can b very happy for they have read the best fanfic ever(even tho it really sucks) so praise me persons~

"Its all i can remember, just this this memory. I cant remember my mother, my father, یا anything else from my childhood, just this. they were fighting over me, calling me names, these odd adults i cant remember who they were just family...i think. "I dont want her"said one lady, mayb my grandmother,"she will probaly have a darkside""wat do u mean"said...
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posted by SavoniaNight
ارے guys so this is shadowgirl101 the owner of Sonic پرستار Characters.

I have decided to come back to fanpop.
But I go سے طرف کی SavoniaNight now.
I don't know how much I shall be posting یا what I will b doing.
I do know I will be posting my new art.

The reason I completely started over was because of embarrassment and stupidity.
So I am officially back!

ALSO I do not know much about this new layout of fanpop.
It is very different from a long time ago.
So if آپ could help me out that would be great!

posted by AceRider
 Zip The بھیڑیا
Zip The Wolf
Zipnodus (Zip) Roger Fracture is a 17 grey and white grey بھیڑیا from Crescent Island. His parents are separated, which resulted with him being raised سے طرف کی his father, Umbrax, and his sister, Ziggnimosis (Ziggy) was raised سے طرف کی his mother, Nite. Zip comes from a long line of proud and ruthless savages did what they wanted when they wanted, however, he doesn't seem to دکھائیں any form of care for such. At age 14, he took part in a elite battler association called The Elite Fighters. He was ranked 9 on the scales from 1 to 20, but he left the association because not one would challenge him. Currently,...
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