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The Rasoul Saga: Chapter 15

The male was a murky green hedgehog. He wore a grey Tee شرٹ, قمیض and long grey pants, along with black sunglasses. He paced back and forth in front of a bench in the middle of a city. It was not in a park, but مزید a small garden of a sort. There was a small mound of گھاس with a درخت upon a concrete surface behind the bench, with a few others near.

He was limping as he walked, allowing him to notice many things due to how slow this made him. He noticed as he paced that one time, upon turning around, a girl appeared on the opposite side of the bench, leaning on its backside,...
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posted by mephiles97

Name: Rain Conrad

Gender: Male
Birthday: December 12th
Age currently: 34
Age at beginning of story: 32
Age character appears to be: 27 (Rain is a Nighless, and Nighless stop aging after they reach a certain age. Rain aged until 27, and then his body stopped aging).


Species: Nighless- Rasoulin Seeker.

Primary Color (Main fur/skin): Dark Blue, Black.
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.): Pale.

Eye-color: Green
Other Eye-details: His pupils are a darker shade of green, and look glazed.

Does character have hair?: Yes.
(If so, the following)
Color of hair: It starts off dark...
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The Rasoul Saga: Chapter 14

Nothing really eventful had happened while Kyle, Kagen, and Avina played video games; it was simply just three teens spending time together and enjoying the time. In fact, they kept playing video games and watching TV until رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا time rolled around.

"Kids, it'll be time for رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا soon," Kushina called from the kitchen. She was currently in the process of cooking dinner.

"Wow, did it get that late already?" Kagen asked as he turned his head to look at the دیوار clock that was on the hanging nearby in the living room. "I'm going to have to go. My parents are expecting...
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posted by mephiles97
The Rasoul Saga: Chapter 13

Back to school. Yay. How much great fun that is, not. At least not for Kyle Waktini and Kagen Duncan. As they've کہا before, they absolutely hated school, mostly just because they found it extremely boring; they didn't actually hate the school, they just found it too boring. However, at the same time, they were just slightly excited for school. Er, well, they weren't exactly excited for the school itself; they were excited to be able to speak to their friends... and Trenton. Neither Kyle یا Kagen could get that grey bat out of their mind. They wanted to speak to...
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posted by TakTheFox
Banshee Facts: The Basics

So I was going through this guide, and noticed I left a lot out, and I changed quite a bit about the banshees over time, so I give آپ the edited, Guide to Banshee Mobians.

What is a Banshee?
Banshee Mobians are cat-like creatures in form. They are called Banshees because they have sound-like powers, and can be transparent.

Types of Banshees
While the amount of variations to Banshee types are large there are three main types of Banshees.
1.    Sound Banshees
2.    Mind Banshees
3.    Dark Banshees

Sound Banshees are...
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Mancer had done nothing but stand there in silence as he watched what was going on around him. He was starting to wonder if he was even noticed anymore, not that he was complaining at all. He just stood where he was and slipped his hands down in his pants pockets, not knowing what to say یا what to do, so he just continued to stand there in silence. He didn't have to stand there for long, however, before Cinder turned her head and noticed him.

"Oh, who are you?" Cinder asked in curiosity. "Are آپ a friend of Kyle and Kagen's?"

"Yes, I am in a way. I suppose آپ can call me their friend. I...
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Everyone was starting to become just a bit curious of what the vial that Kyle was دیا contained. However, everyone decided to hold off on investigating it just yet. Everyone was feeling just a bit tired from all of the events of the day; at least Kyle and Mancer did. While Mancer sat in one of the living room recliner chairs in Kyle's home, Kyle himself lie on the very soft and large سوفی, لٹانا in the same room. Kyle still held the vial, and he began turning it in his hands above his face to observe it further.

"I still can't help but wonder what this vial is..." Kyle کہا quietly as he continued...
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posted by mephiles97
The Rasoul Saga: Chapter 11

Kyle released a quiet groan as he slowly began waking up from the effects of the tranquil dart that he had been hit with. He struggled to open his eyes as his stamina very slowly began returning to him. He finally did manage to open his eyes, struggling to focus his blurry vision on his surroundings. He was sure that he had been captured سے طرف کی the Dark Horses.

Finally managing to get his eyes to focus, Kyle slowly moved his head around to observe where he was. He was in a fairly large cell made of solid concrete, so they would most likely be very sturdy. Since he was...
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posted by mephiles97
The Rasoul Saga

Chapter 10: Captured Again

Kyle had, thankfully, managed to carry Mancer back ہوم to his house without Vice یا anyone else deciding to attack. Kyle felt very tired and out of stamina سے طرف کی the time he reached his house, but at least he was able to bring Mancer there without harm. Mancer was still unconscious from the fight with Vice, and didn't دکھائیں any signs of waking up soon.

"Finally... It feels good to be home..." Kyle thought to himself as he used his abnormally long tail to turn the doorknob and open the front door. He walked inside, using his tail to close the door behind...
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posted by mephiles97
The Rasoul Saga

Chapter 9: Vice Again

"So, what would آپ like it do? Is there anywhere that آپ would like to go?" Mancer asked Kyle, now walking down the streets and sidewalks in the middle of the Northern District of Freedom City.

"Hm... Maybe we could go to the mall? It's a great place for just walking around and looking around," Kyle said.

"That would be fine with me if آپ want to walk around the mall for a while," Mancer said, nodding his head slightly as he walked down the sidewalk with Kyle.

"Alright! Is that ok to go there?"

"Yes, it's alright with me. Let's go."

"Ok!" Kyle started...
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posted by mephiles97
The Rasoul Saga

Chapter 8: Seeing Mancer Again

Kyle laid on a large, soft bed, although this بستر wasn't his own. He was in the hospital, still in a fairly bad shape from the fight with I2 and Ruby. He still couldn't believe that Virus had turned them against him like that... And he couldn't believe that I2 was gone. He released a heavy sigh, closing his eyes slightly at all of the thoughts that swam around in his head.

In the room with him, there stood Kagen, Casey, and Ruby. Kagen turned his head to look at his golden furred hedgehog friend, laying his ears back against his head. "It's going...
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As soon as Kyle turned his head, Casey had already thrown the door open. Ira stood there a bit stunned, holding a large plastic bag with a warm Italian scent inside. “List-“

Ira walked passed Casey before the ticked girlfriend could continue and quickly sat the bag on the Dining Room Table. She then turned around and gave Kyle a large hug. “Hey.” She greeted. Kyle was a little stunned and dared not hug back, but was able to reply with “H-h-hi, Ira…”

“Who’s your friend?” Ira asked, turning to Casey.

“I’m his GIRLFRIEND…” Casey growled.

As soon as the sound echoed...
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Rasoul Saga Chapter Seven

Kyle slowly rolled over in his bed, releasing a small yawn. He slowly tried to open his eyes, finding that difficult due to the fact that he had just woken up. He slowly managed to get his eyes open, and slowly rolled himself over onto his back. He squinted his eyes, looking up at his window. Bright sunshine shined in through the window and shined onto his face, blinding him just slightly. He loved morning sunshine.

"...Well... Looks like a nice دن today..." He thought to himself, releasing another yawn. He slowly pushed the covers off of himself, leaving them near...
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posted by mephiles97
Chapter 6: Trouble at School
Location: Lakewell Academy, School District, Freedom City
Date: Monday, January 5th
Time: 7:42 A.M.

Nothing eventful had happened on Sunday. Nothing out of the ordinary; just going to church and then hanging out at home. Kyle had waited all دن Saturday and all دن Sunday for Mancer to return, but he never did. He didn't return in a sleep-vision those two nights, either. Kyle even began to wonder if Mancer was going to come back یا not... But then he decided that he shouldn't be thinking about those things. He was sure that Mancer would be back at some point... Surely...
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posted by mephiles97
Chapter 5: Small-scale training
Location: Waktini family resisdence, Northern District, Freedom City
Date: Saturday, January 3rd
Time: 12:15 P.M.

Kyle slowly awoke to the sound of the living room TV booming from downstairs. He slowly rolled over, releasing a small groan. His sister must be playing video games with the volume almost as loud as it could be. Kyle sighed quietly, turning his head to look at the small digital clock on his nearby dresser, seeing that it was 12:15 P.M. He slowly sat up painfully, pain stinging his sides as he got up. He gently put his hands on his sides, which had thick...
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posted by mephiles97
Chapter 4: A Dream and Escape
Location: Dark Horses hideout, somewhere in Freedom City
Date: Saturday, January 3rd
Time: Unknown

Kyle slowly awoke, struggling to open his tired eyes. He was fairly shocked to find himself in a long, dark hallway. "What... Where am I...?" He looked around slowly, not being able to tell if he was actually awake یا not. "I... don't believe that I'm awake... This has to be some kind of dream..."

"Indeed, it IS a dream," A voice spoke to Kyle. Kyle whirled around, trying to see where the voice was coming from. "In fact, this is مزید of a vision than it is a dream,"...
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posted by MephilesTheDark
I don't know about everyone else, but I love to roleplay. It's a good escape from reality, because, let's face it; reality kind of sucks, but it can sometimes also leave آپ in the dumps if آپ do it badly.

Of course, 'badly' isn't a definite term, there is a lot that can be 'bad' یا 'good' roleplaying. Hence, this guide will be opinionated سے طرف کی yours truly and backed up with about 5 years of experience. This will be addressing the most common 'bad' things I stumble across when roleplaying.


There's script and paragraph. Both have their ups and downs.

Paragraph roleplays are my...
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posted by mephiles97
Chapter 2: Early Morning Search
Location: Waktini family residence, Northern District, Freedom City
Date: Saturday, January 3rd
Time: 7:02 A.M.

Kyle's eyes slowly began to open slowly, clouded over due to just waking up. He turned over slightly, staring up at the ceiling as early morning sunlight shined in through his window blind, casting a warm glow all around the room. He slowly pulled his blankets off of himself, sitting up in his bed. He yawned loudly before standing up and shuffling out of the bedroom.

Kyle stood outside his bedroom door, listening for any sounds. He didn't hear anything,...
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posted by mephiles97
Chapter 1: A Snow دن and a Simple Errand
Location: Waktini family residence, Northern District, Freedom City
Date: Friday, January 2nd
Time: 7:30 P.M.

"Hey, Mom? Can I ask آپ something? Please?" A somewhat tall, slightly chubby yellow hedgehog asked with excitement in his voice as he walked up to a tall, long black-haired woman.

"Yes, Kyle? What is it?" The woman asked with a bright voice, turning her head to look at the hedgehog with a smile.

"Um... Well..." Kyle looked up slightly at his mother, taking a small breath. "Kagen and I wanted to hang out together and maybe play out in the snow...
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posted by Mapware3640
Ok,So this is a constant argument between fans,who is better?The face of gaming,mario یا the blast-processing rodent,sonic?well today I got a little theory in honor of 2013,I'm hopefully going to end this argument between both پرستار bases once and for all.So first thing first,lets start with both sides abilities and powers.

(Please note,To reserve time seeing my computer is about to crash,I copied and pasted all this information from the mario wiki and sonic wiki while making a few edits,all information is correct.)

Mario's abilities

-Mario's main (trademark) ability is his Jump, which allows...
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