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NoctusLynx posted on May 27, 2014 at 02:30AM
Okay now, allow me to tell you a tale: a tale that transcends the heavens and will change the way you see life for the rest of your life...Okay, maybe not, but you better bet your children that this is at the very a last a story. I'm getting paid to tell you thisstory so just sit down, and hear me out. Well, you're gonna have some input, obviously, but that's off the topic.

Our tale first takes us to a planet called Dang. No, not "dang" like the word that some people believe is synonymous with fuck, no. It's called Dang because the lifeforms living on that later are called Dangan. These Dangan are ruled by a superior Dragon. No one knows the name of the season except the Dragon himself (or at least no one lived to tell the tale.) The history of how all this happened I will leave for you to seek out on your own with questions during your input, but all you really need to know is that now, three life-holding planets are conglomerated.

The Dangan are a hyper-adaptive species; they grow strengths and weaknesses depending on what they eat, where they grow up, where they live, etc, etc. So much so that there are so many different "types" of Dangan that it would be impractical to divide them into individual sub-species. These Dangan can also be brainwashed.

Behold, the Will. The Will is a device used to capture the will of a Dangan. Now, Dangan have strong wills, but if they are beaten enough, they can be brainwashed relatively easily. The Will won't work if the Dangan is unconscious or dead because there's no will to capture. Once a Dangan is captured, they'll obey you without fault: like a slave.

The Dangan, also know of secret places and passages that they are instinctively knowledgeable of at birth; this knowledge is wiped when a Dangan is brainwashed. Therefore, only the wild Dangan can reach certain places and learn certain things. However, brainwashed Dangan have been proven to be very resourceful and capable of carrying out a variety of tasks.

This is where you come in, either as the Wild Dangan or add the Dangan Hunter Alongside your personal goals, your main goal as a Wild Dangan is to seek out the source of the strange energy emanating from the center of one of the three planets, and as the Dangan Hunter, it's to seek out the best Dangan you can, capture them, and use them however you please.

Now then, let's see how you'll progress through this tale...

(I don't expect many responses, but I will reboot this role play if it doesn't "work"...)

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک NoctusLynx said…
(Just make your own introduction, and we'll work from there. Yes, this role play well be player v player and player v world, but I'll be fair (or at least try to). Furthermore, although you can "fail" at this role play," you won't be kicked our be unable to do anything. You'll just be set back a bit. This includes death as well.)
NoctusLynx commented…
falling unconscious یا having your Dangan all fall unconscious یا die well also set آپ back. And allow me to add that آپ can only pick to be a Wild Dangan یا a Dangan Hunter for single character. آپ can, however, have two characters to go through both plot lines. :3 پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Rachel_Savaya said…
(okay, this one sounds like a good place to use my newest character. I know just what he'd do too. Dangan Hunter, he will be. his purpose is to use them to help him search for people and kill them. he isn't on a murder mission for anyone, he's looking for specific beings...)

Name: Bailey
Age: appears 19
Species: ferret/chipmunk/Artic Wolf hybrid
Powers: Ice attribute. he can mould one or both hands into ice lances of sorts and go close-quarters combat as well.
Personality: VERY shy and quiet, he keeps to himself and focuses on his goals. He can come off as hostile and edgy, and doesn't take well to interference or interaction with anyone other than his decided targets.
Picture: tis a dollmaker, sorry, but I'm working on his picture.
 (okay, this one sounds like a good place to use my newest character. I know just what he'd do too. Da
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک NoctusLynx said…
(I suppose this is what I get for losing my phone, as in, someone responds to my role plays, and I'm not around to reply back. -_- Great. Perfect time to lose my phone, eh? Anyways, on with the role play. :3 )

(Do you want to create your own introduction, or do I create the introduction? I don't want to put your character in a starting position that would be OOC in regards of how the character got in that situation to begin with...)