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Graphite posted on Aug 02, 2018 at 07:50PM
I'd thought I'd add this for fun, and see what people would come up with.
If you want to add an oc of yours, leave a comment.

Ground rules:
Characters can't be OP, makes it unfair.
Characters can be any age you want, just their bio has gotta make sense (eg, a two year old can't have existed three or more years ago, cause thanks to sonic 06, time travel is stupid)
Characters can't have been an important part of a character's origin or cannon choices (eg. You can't prevent mighty leaving team chaotics, or stop Maria's death)
Can't be faster than sonic (unassisted)
There's a spectrum, meaning the oc can't be super smart and super strong (eg. Eggman is smart, but not all that powerful alone. Knuckles is considered strong, but doesn't get math)

So here's a structure to help you out, just in case:
Species: (robotic OCs stated here)
Appearance: (including clothing)
(Optional) weapons and other battle gear:
Chaos control: Y/N
Weaknesses: (eg, phobias, weak spots, mental trauma, etc)

Have fun!

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Graphite said…
Thought I'd go first.

Name: Zeke the wolf
Species: Wolf
Age; 18
Appearance: male Caramel coloured wolf w/ dark hazel detail around eyes and in hair, slightly taller than average height, long tail. Wears denim jeans, brown biker boots, beige tool bag strapped to his waist (like a bum bag/ fanny pack), black aviator goggles, black fingerless gloves and a maroon leather jacket, gas tank concealed under jacket.
Abilities: expert mechanic, adept in martial arts, fastest motorbike rider in mobious (almost as fast as sonic without chaos control), pyrotechnics expert.
Weapons and other battle gear: the XT (eXtreme Terain) motorbike, gas tank connected wrist flame throwers, bag of mechanical equipment, non lethal 'cracker bombs (funnier version of stun grenades, goes off like a fire cracker and causes temporary blindness and/or deafness).
Chaos control: nope.
Weaknesses: fear of being trapped.
Bio: growing up an orphan, Zeke was a quiet child, and a submissive one, due to the fact that the orphanage head was a sadistic woman, who locked the children in cages. One day when he was 8, Zeke escaped, finding refugee in a nearby town, were he was soon taken in by Jackson the bear, the town's mechanic, who raised Zeke as if was his own son, and inspired him to be a mechanic. One day when Zeke was 17, raiders invaded the town, stealing valuables and burning the town down. Jackson was soon engulfed with flames as he couldn't escape his house, Zeke however had dealt with raiders on the XT, a gift from Jackson, and drove theme off. The towns folk started to rebuild, except Zeke, who decided to leave, to find a purpose in life, which turned out to be mercenary work. Zeke gets paid to deal with thugs. He doesn't play nice with others though.

And done.
This an oc of mine, so no stealing guys!