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 Proof that Sonamy is real
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i had to admit it's a cute couple. but to tell آپ the truth i never really believed Sonamy was a real Sonic couple. i actually always thought Sonic never loved her. but boy was i wrong. now that i've seen this i actually prefer Sonamy over Sonsal :)
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Amy Rose,Tails,Cream and Cheese,Chris and his family go to the beach. And Amy Rose dreams about playing at the ساحل سمندر, بیچ on a تاریخ with Sonic. And she fantasies and daydreams about kissing her Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic X Amy moment!
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Hello everyone. If آپ are a Shadow fan(most of آپ are anyway), please do not yell in my face because I am calling Shadow a Marty-Stu.
If آپ do not know what a Marty-Stu is, it is just a male Mary-Sue; Perfect in every way, can not die, یا is dating 10 to 30 females یا males at the same time.
And Shadow goes into those categories.
LGYCE had proven me right about this. He had کہا within his مضمون called 'Why Shadow is completely indestructible', that Shadow can not die thanks to indestructible skin, bones, and organs. In this case, he can not die.
Now let's look into the other categories....
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