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posted by NoctusLynx
Okay, so just so آپ guys know beforehand, this is a full-on review. That being said, there are gonna be some MASSIVE spoilers in my review, so be careful if آپ despise spoilers. But first, I'll tell آپ some things آپ might want to know about the game before آپ hop into it and go for the ride of your life.

I can say this: my review will be on a Sonic پرستار Game called Eggman Hates Furries. I can also say that this will be the best damn پرستار game آپ will ever play in your existence. Just play the damn game, and you'll know what I'm talking about. And just so آپ know, the game is a kind of...
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(read part one first...)

Okay, before I knew it, it was night and I had to find a place for these guys to sleep...

Me:Okay, hopefully I have a double sized bed...soooo, one of آپ can sleep with me...

Shadow & Knuckles:Count me out!!

Amy:Aw right...I'll sleep with آپ for the night!

Me:'key then...
I had 2 suitcases in the corner of my room so two of them could sleep there...
Me:...two of آپ should sleep in a suitcase!

Sonic & Knuckles: I'LL GO!

Tails:*thinking* DARN IT! I've been left out again!

There were no other places in my room...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-They got to Cream's and Vanilla's house and knocked on the door.-
Cream: Yes who is it?
-Cream opened the door and her went wide when she saw Sonic.-
Cream: Oh it's آپ Mister Sonic! I'm so glad your ok!
-Cream hugs Sonic.-
Sonic: Woah! ok umm little girl I don't know you.
Cream: What?
-Sonic looked over his shoulder and saw Tails and Knuckles to stop and no signals.-
Cream: آپ sure are funny Mister Sonic! I'll tell momma you're here and she'll get us some tea!
-Cream runs inside and Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles follow.-
Vanilla: I'm so happy your alright Sonic. We were scared for a moment.
Cream: But...
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1.Shadow is a loner
2.Amy loves Sonic
3. Everytime Shadow and Amy are together, it's like putting a negative charge with a negative charge, basically, they repel eachother.
4.I know people are saying Silver is a descendant of Shadow and Amy, but if آپ think about it, there is a way for Silver to be descendant of them WITHOUT them being a couple.
5.The only Shadamy related moment I can think of is when Amy hugged Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2, and she immediately jumped off and کہا "hey! Your not Sonic! Your that other hedgehog!"
6.The only time we see Shadamy is in fanfics and fanmade comics.
7.Do I have to put anything else? SHADOW AND AMY HATE EACHOTHER!!!!!!! and I'm pretty sure both Shadow and Amy HATE this couple.
8. In my opinion, Shadamy is fake.
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Song: His World (Zebrahead Version) NONE OF THE PICTURES ARE MINE! All characters belong to SEGA
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